Monday, September 27, 2010

Crazy Busy

In a good way.

It is fall, and with it comes the mass of family portrait sessions (which I love and greatly missed last year while I was out on maternity leave).

I have missed shooting, the crazy business of it all. The shooting, and now developing and scanning and editing and packaging (oh I have the cutest packaging now).

I am in the midst of a rebrand with my photography business. I am very excited about the changes and the custom site I am saving up my pennies for. It will be everything I have ever dreamed about times a bajillion. I think I will feel like a big girl and a true professional once all of those things are squared away. I can't wait to show you the big unveil as it gets closer. (In four months.)

For now, stay tuned to the photography blog for some beautiful new sessions going up, and for a giveaway in another week for a print of your choosing. It will be great fun.

For now, enjoy some Polaroid beauty. (I promise I have photos of the other kids, but these are just melting me today.)




Emily said...

OMGOsh I love the Polaroid photos! They are amazing!

Cathy said...

What a cutie!