Monday, June 8, 2009

School Daze --"And I Was a B"


James* and me circa 2000
(Not the name he goes by, I love to protect the innocent. Heart you James.)

So, do ya'll recall that time I mentioned about the TI 89 in Mr. Reynolds class?

I am here to further detail the horror that was this particular mathematics class for me. New girl, new school, knows NO ONE...sits next to amazingly cute James.

James and I became SUPER great friends.
I think in some ways James and I were in similar boats, we kind of both left a lot of our friends behind to go to a new school. James started eating lunch with me and my friend Candie.
So we got to know each other really well.

The one thing James had going for him that I didn't...
was that his sister was SUPER beautiful and SUPER popular, and also a Student Body Officer... I think that helped him transition better than I did.

Since high school is SO large and full of SO many people and different clubs and stuff, James and I mostly just talked during our Algebra class.

(I think it was Algebra...James is super smart and just graduated as a Pharmacist...see he was SUPER good at math.)

Anyway, this one particular chapter in the book was a struggle for seemingly EVERYONE in the class.

We had a test coming up and I studied for it and studied for it to no end,
as did James.

The day comes for the test and we all take it with palms sweating and our little index card full of notes.

A few days later Mr. Reynolds, lisp and all hands back the tests to each of us...and I look at my score (it was a GOOD score) and with a HUGE smile on my face turn to James to see how well he had done...

...the entire time knowing he would have it ACED and would have it down.

We concur.

Here is where it went wrong, and hell as we know it broke loose.

I did better than James did on the test.
For the first time in months...

So instead of being the sweet person I normally was, I start RUBBING in the fact that I did better than James.

Even worse, it carries over into lunch time, and my pride gets the better of me, and in front of many people, I begin to declare my smartiness over James'.

It got so bad.

James has had enough and he yells,

"YOU ARE SUCH A B****!" front of EVERYONE.
(wouldn't you have done the same thing?)

I was crushed.
Yet, I deserved it more than ANYTHING.

James and I didn't talk for months.
I don't even think we talked until the next school year.

I finally fully understood the error of my ways, and apologized for being such a biznatch.

James apologized too, and our friendship was what it was before.

I love me my James.
We are still friends to this day, albeit through facebook mostly.

That is okay, I am thankful to know such a smart and talented young man...
...and through the horror of being called a 'B' in front of many of your friends,
I learned a valuable lesson:

Pride goeth before the biznatch.


Kristina P. said...

What a funny story!

I took college math with a friend, and he always copied off my homework, rarely came to class, etc., and he got a better grade than me! This was 10 years ago, and I still bring it up. I was so mad. He was the Valedictorian that year, so maybe that had something to do with it.

Andrea Lemon said...

Oh ... I never knew that story between you and "James". That's really funny with a very cute ending.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

love these skool daze stories...I wish that I have funny stories to tell. If I would have gone more, maybe. =)

Holly said...

Too funny. I'd have strangled you, so you probably got off light ;-)

Heather said...

I am glad that you guys patched things up and that you learned a valuable lesson.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

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marisa said...

Ha ha ha.... I love it!

Amy and Josh said...

you look so young Kim!! So fun to have those little bits of peices of the past to remember. I would have been crushed too-probably cried on the spot.