Monday, June 22, 2009


Finally digging myself out of the messy house that accumulated while I was sick. Feels SO good to be back to my old self...and not that I ENJOY cleaning, but to be able to clean my house today was a big blessing.

I love being a good wife, and a good mother.

I love feeling like I have accomplished something, even if it is something small.

I love putting away the folded laundry. (And sniffing it of course.)

I love the smell of my kitchen after I have wiped everything down with Clorox.

I love walking on the floor and not feeling crumbs.

I love walking on the freshly vacuumed carpet,
and feeling my feet actually SINK into it. Ahhh.


It is the little things.

At the beginning of June I put my kids into swimming lessons.
Something I was not able to have myself until I was 11.
I am STILL afraid of water and I am NOT a strong swimmer at all.


When the opportunity arose to have my kidlets in swimming...I jumped at the chance.

I only wish I was rich enough to keep them in ALL summer.

They love it, they adore it...and J-Man is SWIMMING...
...he is SWIMMING...Memms is not far behind.

I am amazed at the growth they have made in just three weeks.
This is our last week...and it is bitter sweet.
I am taking my camera on the last day to capture their sweet faces at the actual pool.


For now, feast on these babies...and laugh
as we do each day when we have to put on the swim caps.

When the children (mostly J-Dawg) turn into the


What is Corcunda you ask?

Well, The Hunchback of Nortre Dame of course...



Poor Jay...I laugh hysterically every morning when I put his little cap on...


One of him keeping his eyes un-Corcunda-ish.

Oh how I will miss laughing at this every morning
...what a great start to our days this has been!


Kristina P. said...

I think that's awesome! I would really love to have taken swimming lessons when I was younger.

Krystal said...

oh I 'm so glad you're feeling better! Being sick is no fun!! And, can I just say how darling those pictures of your little swimmers are! What cuties you have... I remember taking swimming lesons as a kid... I was never afraid of water, I was called the "little fish"... now I want to go swimming! Well have a great week!!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

That first one of J-man had me laughing. They look so darn cute in those caps...I wish that I had all the money in the world too! Savannah would be in everything that her little heart desired, and mine too! ;)

Arianne said...

love the swim hats! what a GREAT idea to put on the swim hat so you dnt have to wash their hair every day after swimming.

A few weeks ago anika stayed in our pool for about 3 hrs, YES that is right 3 hrs! her hair turned GREEN!!! I need to go get one of those hats so her hair doesnt turn green again!!

Your kids are the cutest! I miss those cute little faces!

Carrie said...

He he! That is the funniest thing I've seen in a while! Oh, how I needed that laugh! I've been wanting to put my girls in swimming for a while now- this just makes me want to even more! I'm so glad they've had fun! I never had swimming lessons and I really SUCK at everything except the "underwater frog"! LOL!

Can I just say- I have been in the same boat, literally! (Well, except I'm not preggers!) We have been ALL dog sick around here and my house has become a nasty mess! Today- I totally cleaned my kitchen and dining room and did laundry! YA! Tomorrow- everything else! I can SO RELATE to feeling so much better after being able to clean my home! SIGH of fresh clean air!

You should have called me! I would have been happy to repay the favor and do some cleaning for ya!

Carrie said...

Forgot! I LOVE that J-Dawg is missing one of his front teeth! Go J-Dawg! How much money did he get for that one?

AJ said...

Ah this post made me realize how little I do around theh ouse haha

Anna said...

Swimming is so much fun especially for the kids, I know it was one of my favoring things to do when I was little, oh and climbing trees. My best childhood memories have to do with me climbing trees and jumping in the like of them. Glad to hear you doing great.

Anna said...

I wanted to say jumping into the lake not like. lol

Christal said...

love this post love the pics and the good wife part I feel the same way! Swim lessons are awesome we start soon I'm so excited! ttys

Tim and Ashlee said...

Oh I love a clean house. I find I'm in a way better mood when my house is clean.

Holly said...

These are absolutely precious. I keep giggling. I agree - the clean house is right up there in the list of feelings...even better than finding a $20 bill in your coat.

Amy said...

How adorable is that! I'm over here laughing. Such cute kids.

I hear ya on the clean house feel, I love it when my house smells like cleaners. Sometimes I'll dump some in the sink, so it'll smell clean without me having to do anything. LOL.

The Lilly's said...

Thanks for sharing those pics, it gave me a good laugh, and made me laugh even harder when you made the "Corcunda" comparison!

Lace said...

Aww! I can't wait to get my girls in swimming! Ayla's begging to take dance right now, but I know she would love swimming. The swim caps are super cute!

Amy and Josh said...

We had swimming lessons and never thought of swim hats-great idea. Cute pics Kim!!