Wednesday, June 3, 2009



I had the most amazing morning.

The past few weeks have been really draining on me
mentally as far as work is concerned.

I have been going through that motion of,
"Am I good enough?"
"Why am I even doing this?!"

Just the normal things I struggle with and have always struggled with
(lack of self-confidence maybe? Probably.)
I dunno.

I have been praying about it.
Heavenly Father and I are pretty tight these days.
I really mean this, with no exaggeration.

Take last night for instance.
I am on a session in Ogden, UT...the dark, dark storm clouds
are coming about a million miles an hour.
I commence praying my guts out that the downpour doesn't
happen until the session is over.

I joke with the couple,
"Don't worry, God and I a pretty tight, and it is not going to rain until we are done with our session."
45 minutes later, as I am getting ready to pose the last shot, it begins to rain.
Finish the session, get to my car, and it begins to DOWN. POUR.

Really? REALLY!
So, jokingly during the session the wife says to me,
"Could you pray for my husband? He is looking for a new job."
We both giggle. I say,
"SURE! I will tonight."
She texts me early this morning to tell me her husband got the job he wanted TODAY!
Seriously? SERIOUSLY!

Funny. But true.
I am really being silly right now, but the thing that is not silly is that my faith is strong...
and I recognize the tender mercies Father has been blessing my little family with.

...and today was no different.

I log into Facebook, and a client from 9 months ago posts this to my wall:

"So we finally have the pictures you took up on the walls here. They look AMAZING. My husband said:
"The only problem is they look like they were the pictures that came in the frames."
Last night we had the relief society presidency over to visit and the one said:
"These are probably the most emotionally charged family pictures I have ever seen."
So Thank you!
EVERYONE Loves our pictures, even if they are 9 months old :)"

Tears. This special lady had NO idea that I was struggling with my feelings and abilities, and here she was an answer to my prayer.
I cried for awhile this morning, it was so nice to hear that I have affected people with my photography.
That is what I hope to do, to capture a fleeting moment,
and make it timeless and forever.

Just wanted to share today, how thankful I am.

...and oh if you need me to pray for you, just let me know in the comments.

Kidding...well, kind of, I am just worried the lightening is going to strike.


Amber! said...

Your post made me so happy. I am glad that your prayer was answered.

Kristina P. said...

Kim, your photographs are amazing. You are extremely talented!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I am saying this from the bottom of my heart...I wish that I could take pictures like you. Really. I would love to have amazing pictures hanging on my walls that have been taken by you, the only problem my hubbs won't pay for it. Maybe one day I will save up for it. =)
I believe that I have told you this multiple times in the last few INPSIRE ME. Spiritually, your talent, your blog, YOU!! Don't forget it. You are special!

Cassie said...

Your faith, among many other things, is something I have always admired about you.... Love you Miss Kim, you set a very good example for me.

Wendy said...

Can you pray that we'll find out next little one? Then we'll have to have new family pictures taken! :)

We really do love every picture. Spencer and the relief society counselor were both right the emotions in the pictures are amazing. Anyone can point a camera it takes a special person to capture a personality and you do!

sara said...

you are super talented!! when is your little baby coming? i was thinking of you to possibly take pictures at our sealing in oct... email me and we'll chat! isaacsara1 {at} gmail.

Christal said...

I love this post and you!!! You always make me smile and you do take the most amazing pictures don't ever discredit yourself you are so talented were all jealous oh I guess I should speak for myself but its true!!
Oh and yeah can you pray for us and that next baby that's supposed to come someday. hopefully. soon. Have a great week!! ttys

Lace said...

Next time you wonder, just ask me, I will be glad to tell you for hours how good you are! And sorry about the rain thing, that's my fault, Heavenly Father knows how much I LOVE IT and need it right now! But how cool that you were able to finish your session! And yeay for your clients new job, that is great news! I know you're already praying for me, so thanks for that, even if right now it's just bringing me the beautiful rainstorms!

blair said...

inspiring, in so many ways of your lifes path. don't forget that.

Andrea said...

I've started reading your blog through our birth mom, Andee. It was great meeting you a couple weeks ago too :) Just wanted to say that I needed to hear that today. I needed the reminder of prayer, so thanks Kim. You are an inspiration.

P.S.- Your pictures are AMAZING! I love looking at them.

moosh in indy. said...

You should try being me living in your shadow of greatness.
Most of the reason I don't start doing photography like you? Because I'll never be as good as you so why even try.
And yes, I'm serious
You know what to pray for in my case.

Olivia Singleton said...

Could you pray that I may someday feel it necessary to wear a bra again? Because it just isn't worth it these days.

mommyoffour said...

Kim, have i told you lately how much I adore you and love your work? Everyone who comes into my home always comments on our pictures. They love them and we love them! You truly are amazing!

As for prayer, I have been praying my little heart out the last two days. Our little Lex isn't feeling well and Jared and I have been asked to fulfill a special assignment at the Oquirrh Mountain temple on Saturday (we've been asked to do the sealing room presentation!). We are so excited for this unique opportunity, but I am worried about my little Lex.

I actually just called Jared and told him that I think the Lord wants to see how much faith I really have!! :)

Thanks for this inspiring post. You are an amazing person and I look up to you more than you will ever know. Thanks for who you are!

JaeJay said...

Thank you for your post. I too am grateful for the tender mercies no matter how small they are. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Amy and Josh said...

That is so Cool how Poeple can be answers to prayers. Your work is the Bomb Kim. I Honestly wonder how you do it so well. Like where were you on my wedding day Lady?
Funny how we get so discouraged about our talents and ourselves . . . kind of sad too. We are more than we know.
love ya

AJ said...

I'm so happy for you to be able to have those moments in your life, it really is a special thing.

marci helen said...

your talent and skill has always been breath-taking! i agree with your facebook friend's relief society lady that you capture emotion like nobody else can. you are a wonderful artist and beautiful lady!

Becky Rose said...

I need prayers to get out of a depression and to find my husband or for him to find me. My name is Becky.

Your a Great photographer and a great person! The Lord loves you!

Ami and Ryan Donio said...

Kim I absolutely love you. You are a strength to me when my times are tough. I am so greatful for a wonderful cousin like you who understands me and my trials. You are amazing. I love you :)

Holly said...

I think almost all of us "creative types" struggle always with confidence issues. It's always nice to get these unexpected outpourings of praise from our clients. The trick is to remember these and forget the stuff that drives us "why is this picture crooked?" or "why did you focus there?"
Tee hee. Love you - glad you're having an uplifting day!

Katie said...

You know I think you're amazing but now outside people who don't know you are commenting on your work too. I've gotten a ton of compliments on Kiara's whole shoot, but specifically the one I have as my Facebook profile pic, of me kissing her cheek. You captured a moment that I want to remember forever, and every time I look at the picture I feel the same joy I felt the day you took it, so THANK YOU!

Oh, and feel free to pray for us any time. Not so sure my prayers are doing the trick these days (kidding...well a little bit at least!).

nicole said...

(Found you through Moosh) Love your photos. Pray for us that we'll get pregnant, and I'll fly our family out for you to take our pictures. Of course, that would be 2 great things for me....pregnancy AND awesome family pics.

Heather said...

He knows when we need Him to help us & I love when I hear the answers to my prayers. Not that I have any less faith but to hear of a return just makes my world a happy bubble.

You are awesome! I am glad that Casey & you are tight, otherwise I would have never been able to click here to see you.

The Gilded Pear said...

Kim, I love you. I love your photography. It is amazing. It is intimate. I love that about it. And don't worry, I'll get you my list of things to pray for later today :-). And no, I am NOT kidding either.

Ron and Jessica said...

You're awesome. No doubt about it. And you can always pray for Ron's parents to find jobs so they don't end up living with us...!!!

ls said...

i love those moments where you just KNOW that it wasn't a coincidence, that God heard YOU and answered. thanks for sharing this story. i also love the photos you took of my family. love them. now if only i could find them. i have been seriously stressing about it because i cannot find the envelope you sent me anywhere! i already gave away the ones i had purchased for gifts, but set aside the ones that i was going to frame for my house until i could get the frames i wanted. and now i have no idea where the blasted pictures are. i am so frustrated with myself, but they are bound to turn up somewhere, right?

Matt & Darla said...

I love to look at your pictures! I only wish I had that much talent! Someday, when we get our little family finally started with children..........maybe I'll have you take some family pictures of us? Speaking of wanna pray for us, too? LOL You're great!

mrs. r said...

your praying for gav, right? LOL!

you always inspire me ...and not just with your photog. YOU, the essence of YOU, inspires me.

and delights me.

i adore you.