Thursday, January 29, 2009

Utah Man



For serious.

Best day of my life thus far.

My big brother started a blog.

He is a talented and gifted writer, and funnier than I will get out.

Read'll be glad you did...and to make it better? He is a dood. Blogging Doods are SO so cool.

Utah Man


mrs. r said...

so this is what you would look like as a dood ...and also what joth will look like in another few decades.

y'all are clones.

can't wait to read him.


Anna said...

LOL! I think Marcus will appreciate this photo of him.

Holly said...

Yeah - he looks so much like you its almost creepy. Like he took your eyes. Funny!

Lorien said...

Hi, Just wondering if I can be added to you "hoping to adopt" list? My little family's site is

Thank You! I am so grateful for others who help us feel like we are not alone in this!