Thursday, January 8, 2009

"H'h'h'h'h'hot, c'c'c'c'cup, of c'c'c'c'co, co, coa!"






Nothing says Christmas, and snow and cold like cocoa. Really, is anything more perfect or more dreamy about this time of year than that?

The week before Christmas the store was out of mini-mallows. We had to have the big honkers, and you know what? Even though they are a choking hazard, my kids love them. Love the pudgy cheeks and the dreamy look on J-Man's face. This is what childhood is suppose to be. Sweet innocence and perfection.


Cassie said...

Mmm... hot cocoa... yum! Love Em's luscious lips trying to keep that mallow in. And those mugs? So cute!

marci helen said... guess what i am craving!!
cute kids, and cute mommy helping them make fun memories!

Anna said...

I love that picture of J-Man, He should be in the commercial advertising hot cocoa. I know I would go buy it after seeing that!. Kim those mugs are beautiful, where did you get them?

Michelle Jensen said...

that looks so yummy it makes me want to make a cup!!

The Gag-nears said...

We even have a cocoa motion machine on out counter that looks like a coffee machine - but whatever. Sometimes I just need a little caffeine :). But anyway, I do love the hot cocoa and love your blog it's been a while for you and miss you!

Anna said...

Happy Birthday!Love you!

Liz said...

For me, hot chocolate needs marshmellow cream!! It's so gooey and it melts perfectly into the hot cocoa! Have you seen "The Polar Express?" Well, in that movie they even have a song about hot chocolate and every time I hear it, I have to go make myself a mug!!

Leisha said...

I love how much they are loving this. Happy Winter. When else can you drink hot chocolate every day if you feel like it.