Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In a posting mood apparently...

Shooting for oneself, and editing for oneself can be very therapeutic. That is a little of what I have done today.

I came across these from Miss BG's workshop. I, of course was not doing what I should be doing, instead I grabbed my co-attendee and new friend Shanna...and asked to photograph her. Seriously...isn't she STUNNING? I came across these today, and shed a little tear.





I have been thinking back to March when I attended the Film is Not Dead Workshop. I took SO many, many things away from that workshop, but it was there that I really think I gained an eye and a love for intimacy in a photograph. I love the way Jonathan captures people in headshots. I took what he taught us and ran with it...and dare I even say...took it a little overboard? I dunno...but either way I have learned to not fear close proximity to my client, that to get truly amazing art, we must get in close...see who someone really is, and capture that essence.

Anyway, just thought these shots of Shanna said so much. About her, about me as a photographer. How thankful I am to have grown so much this year. Thank you to my mentors!

Now, maybe someday you'll see all the work I did at these fabulous places...but then again you are...in each new session I post as I have been forever inspired. :)


Brenley said...

Seriously, I want to cry everytime I see your work, it is always so beautiful and you can tell that you enjoy it so much, you inspire me. I really look up to you and wish I was even a smidge as good as you, but I so am not! I so wish you were my "sensei", because I could really use one! You DO Rawk!

Holly said...

The are gorgeous. You have a gift.

Christal said...

You are amazing seriously!! So funny though shanna lives about 10 minutes from my house in Stirling she does great work too! Small world eh!

Amanda said...

I do LOVE your headshots...they always capture the person and they are amazing!

Wendy said...

Spencer and I STILL talk about how amazing you are! We will be randomly talking and somehow our conversation will come to you and how great you are. Keep doing your own thing, everyone literally EVERYONE loves the pictures you took of our little family. We will see people we haven't seen in a while and they will say "I just love those family pictures you had taken up the canyon. Where is that? They are awesome!"