Thursday, October 30, 2008

Five. Five Dolla'. Five Dolla'...Okay, just FIVE.

He. Is. Five.


We had a wonderful day. We woke up singing the Happy Birthday song, and the kids played and played all morning.


Around lunch time he opened his present:




Then he told me while we cuddled on the couch during Memm's naptime, "Mom, I really need a little brother. I promise to be nice to him. " He. Is. Darling.

Earlier this morning I asked Mr. where he wanted to go out to dinner. He could pick ANYWHERE he wanted. All his choice. He said to me, "Um, I think I might like to have Chinese food." I was floored and laughed so much. So, tonight, we went out for Chinese food:








He loves the chopsticks, and surprisingly he is REALLY good with them.

Hubbs' mama gave the kids balloons for the special day. Our little family has this thing with balloons. It started when J-Man was a baby, we have always sent them up for "Papai do Ceu" or for Heavenly Father. I think it was a convenient way for us as parents to avoid the choking hazard and the tears and crying when the balloons finally lost their float. Either way, it has become a really fun tradition for us. When we lost Peanut, one balloon began going up for Peanut and one for Papai do Ceu. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. After reading Nie's balloon flights, it means even a little bit more. We sent up a little prayer for her family tonight too...



I love how excited they get when they watch them fly away.


Mr. Cutie Pants decided that we NEEDED some toys on the cake. "Sometimes Mom, there are toys on cakes. You know?!" So he ran and grabbed some of his recent favorites. A Transformer, the baby from the FP Dollhouse, and "Dragony".



Little Sis is starting to realize that birthdays are special and not for EVERYONE on that day. She was pretty upset and a little jealous. Mr. J was such a sweetheart to her all day, making sure she knew she was loved and included.


Make a wish! ("I wished for that I had one of 'Megatron'...and now I have one! Thanks Mom!")

I dunno if other parents endure these feelings when their first born turns five. I don't feel like I have been a mother for five years. That just seems crazy. I know it seems overly said, but really it has been the most remarkable five years of my life. He has brought me SO much joy. The things he says, the things he does, the way he is learning and growing each day surpasses my amazement. J-Man, you are an incredible artist. You have such an eye for beauty and for seeing the world in a new and different way. I really hope that you never lose sight of that. I hope you can always hold onto these qualities, and that I, as your mother can always encourage your growth, your learning, and your understanding, and that I can encourage you to do the things YOU want and LOVE to do. Keep doing such good things sweet boy. You are my heart!


ec said...


i love the post.

the end.

Samantha said...

What a beautiful tribute. And what stunning images. Joth will treasure these someday.

moosh in indy. said...

Happy Birthday Little Dude.
I know it's your birthday and all but your mom is one of my greatest gifts.
You're a lucky man.

Amy said...

What a big guy! He is seriously so sweet and wonderful. And you look hot in that pic!

P.S. That balloon thing almost made me cry. And I want to make that a tradition with my family too. :(

Amy and Josh said...

i love the balloons. Love The cake! What a special little Man. I can't believe how fast time has gone! Love you guys.

Midwest Mommy said...

I love the random toys! Awesome.

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday Jothan! I can't believe he's 5... such a fabulous little boy.

karel said...

hi kim,
i love your photos - they capture the unique excitement of childhood birthdays perfectly. and is that a target gift bag i spy?

also, the balloon tradition certainly has cute roots and the choking hazard concern is a valid one, but have you thought about the effects it has on the environment - specifically oceans?
( - for more information)

i don't mean to take away from an act that brings such joy to your family, but perhaps it can be modified to be more green-friendly...?

happy birthday to your boy, as well :)

Trinbean said...

Happy BIG 5 MR.....

Ron and Jessica said...

He's a cutie...I hear Chinese food is quite popular right now :) Glad you all had a nice celebration of his b-day!

Barrett said...

I noticed that there is a picture of Memms with only two of the lit candles and I bet you did that on purpose! You are always thinking! I love it!

Dan and Wendy Babcock said...

Happy Day Joth! And good call on the chinese food dude. Ho Ho Gourmet is one of the places real chinese folks go to. Great pick. ;)

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to the J-Man. I can't believe he is 5! I already feel the same about my 2 year old...I can't imagine him being 5. I know it all comes so quickly though.

The Lilly's said...

I agree, five is such a huge milestone. That is so cool that he picked chinese food, how many 5 years olds would do that?!

Lace said...

I'm so late!!! :( But Happy Late Bithday Jothy! I love this kid, I want you to know I had his special day written on my calendar and I did indeed think of him several times on the 30th...but never took the time to send him a message. I'm sorry! But it looks like it was a SUPER day!

Carrie said...


Happy Birthday (late) Little Man! It looks like you all had a bunch of fun!

What a great looking family Kim! Seriously, the cutest kids around!

5. Oy! I know exactly how I'll feel when my oldest turns 5. I'll be sitting on the couch that night pigging out on Haagen Daz, crying! They made us mommys! How could we not feel a whole slew of emotions! Ah! I'm getting emotional now! 5 more months for me. Dear Time, slow down please!