Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hop on this Caboose...choo choo!

PEOPLE! Have you heard of Lush? Well, they've got NOTHING on this local company I just discovered! I have been using this stuff for about a week and it is DIVINE! Smells yummy, feels yummy, and it is au natural! My skin has never felt SO good. I will never buy soap from a grocery store again, it is Spotted Owl for me!

And the best thing? They are looking for testers! DO IT!

Click here for more information!

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Ron and Jessica said...

Sorry Kim,
I can never bring myself to buy anything named after a spotted owl.

Remember how I told you I grew up in Forks, Washington? Well rather than fictional vampires I'd like to talk today about an all too real and terrifying monster in this community. Yes that's right I'm speaking of the Spotted Owl. How can a itty bitty owl be a terrifying monster you ask? The Spotted Owl was the first in a long line of "Endangered" species used by environmental extremists to try and economically wipe the town off the map. Can you imagine if they had succeeded? No Twilight?