Friday, October 10, 2008

BFFriending. Definition.

This is a story about befriending. Not just "befriending" but "BFFriending". What is BFFriending you ask? It is the fine art of creating a friend, but not just any friend, a BFF.
A "Best Friend Forever".
When I was growing up, I never had a "best friend". My early childhood was spent moving around a bit, and trying to find myself along with my family...when I hit high school, I finally met some of the most dearest people in the world, to this day, are still some of my best friends. How can I have so many you ask? Well, this is why:
Over the course of the past year, we have been hit and hit and hit with trials...and over this past year I have again been reminded of everything I have been given, especially this gift of friends.

Take J-Man...who along with his sister is one of the greatest gifts of all time. His optimism and look on life has blessed me tremendously.
Or how about Trist? Who just a few weeks ago brought me by a sweet, sweet card with the most beautiful flowers (my fave btw) just because.
Then there is Myra bo Byra...who is the bomb diggity bomb...who thought of me in the most special of ways last week when I attended a baby shower. Myra...thank have no idea how much your sweet gift, and tremendous hug held me together this past week.


Let's talk church...Miss Amy and Miss Shannon (pictured right above) have been the most awesomest of friends to me since moving into my ward...they get why I eat snacks and take naps in RS...and they are still my friends because I am cool...and speaking of Shannon, this brings me to the whole thing behind my "BFF" theories.
Almost EVERY single person I love and consider on my list of BFF's (and they will not all be mentioned here today...because I have a mil...and we don't have the rest of your day to talk about them all)...Anyway...I didn't like almost ALL of them when I first met them. I sound UBER stuck up, but let's take Shannon for instance (hi Shannon!) I thought she was BEAUTIFUL...and perfect, and mature...and I never thought in a bazillion years that we would EVER be was I wrong...she is kind, generous, fun and is:


'mrs. r' a.k.a. the hottie with the bottie...whenever i think of mrs. r...i think of lower case typing, and big hair, and fierce heels. heck, "i" am practically a celebrity because i. know. her. in. REAL. life! and i milk THAT for all it is worth...believe you me.
But speaking about mrs. r...when I met my mind I was like..."Oh man...that girl and I...we will NEVER be friends...we will never EVER hang just won't happen...nuh huh...not me...not her, not EVER!" Fast forward one year later. She is one of my BESTEST friends...she is hilarious...funny, smart, caring and teaches me SUPER much. So glad, as usual that I was wrong about my BFFriending abilities.


Ya...these go without saying that they bestest friends...they keep me laughing and in tears of joy because of their examples and attitudes of love. How glorious it is to see their relationship...and how I long with all of my heart for them to remain close for all their is bliss.


It is real.

And these ladies! My "two" moms! The one on the right is single if any of you have HOTT single dads...PLEASE send them our way. These women have no idea how much they have meant to me throughout my life...especially this past year when I would call my mom in agony and tears and she always was on my side, always knew the right thing to she always has when I needed her to. That is what mom's are for. I love you Momma...
Lorraine, thanks for all you do for us...and continue to do, and for loving your first grandchildren...e'n tho the blood that runs through their veins is not your have shown us what REAL and intense love is...and for that you are my BFF forever.

Wendy! Wendy! a.k.a. "Dubbs". I can't begin to describe this woman...her influence and power for good she has been to my life. I remember when we were just young foo's...and we met and hung out for the first time at President Hinckley's birthday party. Where she learned that "Mormon's" can throw a kick 'a' party when they want to! But really, walking three blocks to and from the car with her...and dinner afterwards at what was it? Leatherby's! I remember some form of bacon being involved, I could be mistaken...that night was the beginning of one of my most cherished and most remarkable friendships. Wend...thanks for being amongst my BFF's...for making me feel like I was some form of missionary to you. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about your testimony...and you will never know how much your strength in all things strengthens me. Thank you for CONSTANTLY calling me (which I love and if you ever stop I might DIE!)...even when I don't answer the phone all the time because I know you are thinking about me...P.S. isn't she GORGEOUS? Makes me sick...just a little.

And for this dood...for NEVER giving up on asking me out. For your persistence and perservearance. Talk about not wanting to be friends with this case, "Special BFF's" I didn't like him WHATSOEVER in that regard when we first met. I was young, naive and didn't want to get married. 9 months later we WERE married...for ETERNITY I might add...and the last 8 years have been remarkable...spectacular...and I love you more and more and more each and every day. I adore and cherish you more than I let you know...but I secretly hope you DO know how much you mean to me. How in LOVE I am with you. How much I think about you and how grateful I am that I have YOU forever! Also, I think it is cute that you refuse to shave on vacation. Glad it is captured here.

Speaking on "Celebrities" let me just tell you the friends I have made just by mentioning that I know "Moosh" or "Moosh in Indy". Well, I knew her before she had a blog, before she ever had a 'moosh' and before she was ever affiliated with a place called "Indy". I knew her when she was just like me...a little depressed, a little jealous of the other person...basically refusing in our minds that we would "NEVER BE FRIENDS WITH HER!" Ick...srsly. One day...I got up the courage to get over my disdain for Case...and I just made a little funny jokie joke about her taking the last creamsicle...and that was that. She made Joth's birth announcements, borrowed my HUGELY huge maternity clothes that never got to fit her really...and has come to see me and bring me lasagna and mop my floor and love on my kids and my foster kids while I was healing emotionally and physically. She didn't have to. She just did. And it meant the world to me. And this post which made me bawl all sorts of ugly tears. (If you haven't clicked a link should cuz this one's all about me. :)

Oh. My. Gosh. This "Lady". When I first "met" her...I knew we could NEVER be friends. Seriously NEVER! I am so glad when I am proven wrong. It really is humbling. Tee hee. I need to tell Arianne how much I value my frienship with her...I was able to tell you, Arianne so many personal things before many, many people ever knew them. And because of you, I was re-introduced to "Leish" and was given the opportunity to humble myself and be proven wrong as two of the sweetest ladies I know became some of my dearest friends.
I am thankful I can call Leisha almost daily...and that I can SCREAM into the other end of the phone the second she picks up...and she SCREAMS with me and wakes up her sleeping kids. Now that is what I call a good BFF!
Let's not forget Cassie, and Amanda, and all my other dear ladies I have met through FSA. If not for them I would have never survived our adoption journey"s" with the stamina and learning that I have. Cassie has made us some KILLER casserole (and I KNOW she hates anything that has to do with making something yo'self). I love her because she swears...(like me) and she loves Pepsi...and she is an inspiration to me for loving one's husband...and never giving up on anything! Amanda...for calling me and being a "twin" of horrific circumstances...but for being able to relate and listen to me be ecstatic and weeks later crying and crying. It meant the world to me...just so you know.

Then these PEEPS...who when I met Chel, my 12 year old brain was convinced (is this getting old)...that this GORGEOUS lady...with the HILARIOUS hubby would ever be good friends with ME...and for how many years now? Almost 15?! She became my Young Women's pres...which reminds me of the time in my life when I met Marie...and Lana...and Tony G...and Lacie (who I have known forever now it seems...and who made me the best orange rolls and calls me and we can talk forever like we've never been apart) and Shanna, and Trina, and "Bec" with her beater car (who became my first and dearest BFF EVER...she knows you do too) who picked me up on the "west side" for our first Seminary Council meeting. Also one of the greatest gifts I have gotten from Michelle was meeting this lady. Who unknowingly on one of my darkest of days...sent a package to me...with some of the sweetest notes and thoughts ever. I haven't even had the strength to write her back and let her know how much her love has helped me. I know she knows...thanks Heather. Really...thank you from the bottom of my soul.
There is Amy...who brought me the most yummy treats and flowers when she was UBER pregs, and it still means so much to me than she'll ever know. The photography book is THE best...and folding my laundry meant the world to me. You are...a BFF!
Oh and Holls, who is my "sensei". Who had taught me more about photography than I ever learned in school. Who put up with my crabby ol' self in the most beautiful place on EARTH...(which looking back I am sure you wanted to strangle me...blame it on the declining horomones racing through my body...and thank you for still being my friend!) But her example of motherhood and love of her child amazes me and inspires me. Thanks Hollz.
And there are many, many, many more. Lots of people out there, lots of people who are my friends who know they mean so much to me...even if I couldn't or didn't name you personally, you are in my heart. I love each of you. I thank you for your prayers. I want you to know that if you are reading are special to me.
BFFriending is the BEST...I highly recommend never listening to yourself again.


Carlotta said...

This post speaks a lot in behalf of you.

mrs. r said...

you funny.

i remember laughing my ace off when you said told me the story of us never being friends. you are nuts. i am glad you were wrong.

you are a rockstar.

also, hot picture of the flavinator.

when are we getting BFF necklaces? i was the "BE FRI" and you can have the "ST ENDS."

love you. love your butt.

Michelle said...

WOW, Kim Sue!!! I was reading through and loving all the photos and all excited to tell you how amazing this post was and how creative you are and as I'm scrolling down (having no clue what was ahead of me), I see my mug on your blog with the kindest words ever! I love your guts! You are the sweetest! I love you to pieces! You are so creative and so talented. And BTW, got the disc. Thanks SO much for bringing it to me! You have the coolest friends. I love your friends because they love you and b/c they are always so nice to me when I see them. Anyway, you are the best. You are awesome and I'm grateful for our friendship more than you know. In the beginning you were like a daughter to me. Now you are like a sister to me. Love ya, Kimmie!

The Lilly's said...

Wow, you are so so sweet. And I have to tell you that I am in love with the pic of Anthony and Michelle. Gogeous!!

Miss Myra said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I totally cried when I saw my name!!!! You are the sweetest persone ever. I can't even tell you how many times a day i Think about you and shoot up a prayer for you and miss you and want things to go well and WANT TO HANG OUT! thank you for being you and being my bfff. Ill tell ya later what the other f is for ;)

Cassie said...

Ah Kim... I loves ya. As I'm sure all your many bff's do. xoxo sweetie.

Heather said...

I am BAWWWLING!! You are so sweet to include me in the post! It means the world to me that I am a part of your life!
I love you girl!! I am glad that the package helped. I was worried that it was lame! Hope things are going well!! I hope you are taking care of my twin arm! ;)
I LUV you my sweet BFF!

Dan and Wendy Babcock said...

So, would I be the total LOO-HOO-SER if I didn't put a post up like the other BFF's? Kim, you got a photo of me actually laughing? I just want to say one sentence, which hopefully can semi-sum up my feelings about our friendship. "Extremely grateful to have you in my life."

Trinbean said...

Thanks Kim!

Holly said...

I'm an example of motherhood? You must not be there when I am on my knees in a bathroom stall trying to get him to JUST POTTY ALREADY. I'm no doubt mumbling all kinds of unbecoming things ;-)
But seriously, I am flattered I made it on to the post - I know you have, and deserve, a billion wonderful friends. I am just glad to be one of them and happy for my little slice-o-kim when we get the chance to hang out.

Amy and Josh said...

Friends are THE Best-I really need to get our there and do some more "BFFriending":)
So glad I met you and that you are one of my BFF's too Kim. I hope these are brighter days for you and your fam.

marci helen said...

cute moments!! i can't believe how often you thought you would not be friends with someone!!?? i'm glad you have been wrong so many times...made me laugh!

Amy said...

Holy cow, I totally want to be just like you when I grow up and have tons of BFF's too!

(secretly glad you don't have any pics of me... haha I didn't see my chubby mug up there after all :) )

We totally just need to ditch this life and go hang out in the woods for awhile. What are you doing on friday? You can pick me up at five for our hot date. :)

The Gag-nears said...

The day I picked you up in my beater car was the first best day of the rest of my life. You have been an inspiration to me ever since. We are BFF's forever. And PLEASE PLEASe know that even though i can't get up there to give you hug upon hug and flowers and Treasures and wipe your bum, that I do pray for you every morning and eveyr evening in my prayers because that's all I can do right now. Thanks for being my BFF. Sup Pro Wipe wipe! Oh the laughs.

Anonymous said...

"And for this dood..."

Right... about not shaving on vacation: well, you should all know that the picture Kimmie put on this post is the result of not shaving AT ALL during our one week long vacation. I am so... proud of myself (actually, embarrassed) because, let's face it, I have bold spots that will probably NEVER have any facial hair. I cannot grow a full beard. This is something I may not experience in this life time!!! Hee hee!!! :)

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I only wish to be as blessed as you are, to have sooo many amazing people in your life. I echo the thought of wanting to grow up to be just like you one day. =)
Awesome "mug shots"! Great tribute! You amaze me once again!

Ron and Jessica said...

So true.

Lace said...

You aint seen nothin' yet sista' -those orange rolls were frozen!

It is always good to talk to you... we could seriously talk forever.

Shan said...

Hey! What a great idea for a post! Thanks for the kindness and the mention :) Girl, you are definately a hero on so many ways. I really must pick up the phone and talk to you! Nice pics too!

moosh in indy. said...

oh hai.
i like u 2.