Monday, June 16, 2008

Remember that Yard Sale Coming Up?

I do!

Well...this just in...we are selling ALL of our baby clothes. Remember this?

If you want some of those HOTT clothes...well then get your bumm to our yard sale THIS Saturday.

4152 South 2885 West
West Valley City, Utah


Baby clothes $2 and under
2 Toddler beds with nightstands
Baby swings

This is going to be a kickin' event. Be there or be a square.


me said...

I would kill to be there!!! Don't know if i can justify a road trip to Utah for a garage sale though! BOO!!!!

Holly said...

ooh fun. I want some of Joth's cute stuff for Robbie. But I'm not sure I can be there since I'll be super duper jet lagged. boo hoo

kimsueellen said...

Holly...what size you want? I pull some of the good stuff out for you...

Carrie said...

I'm there! Still need stuff for the yard sale? I might have some things that I just planned on giving to the DI. Can't wait to see what's there!

blair said...

why would yo uget rid of all your baby stuff when you're about to have one! ahh!

Wendy said...

I wish we could come! We will be in Yellowstone. You have the same philosophy that I do on dressing kids, if I would wear it (or Spencer would wear it) it's all good. I have had so many people comment on Roman's clothes because he doesn't dress like a baby. Good luck with the yard sale.

The Ashlee said...

Hey cute Kim, my mom has a hole bunch of stuff you can have if you want it. We had our own yard sale about 2 weeks ago, and i told her about yours and she has some stuff for you if you want it. If not no biggie, i think she will take it to the DI. Let me know.

Tim and Ashlee said...

Oh man, I need all that baby stuff. A 12 hours drive isn't that bad is it?

Kim . . . wyomingmade said...

Good Luck with the Yard Sale. We did a second one last weekend to clean out the rest of our garage, because everyone was so anxious to give us soo much stuff!! My next yard sale will be the first of NEVER. It was fun, I am glad, but I will be happy not to do it again. I hope your is a success and you have fun doing it.

Thanks for adding us on your blog. Your the best and I LOVE your photography, you have an amazing eye for beauty and a way to capture the real life in everything!!

All the Best

Samantha said...

Hey Miss Kim! What color are the toddler beds? We're trying to find a white one for the Holls. Hope all is well!

Ron and Jessica said...

Sweet! We're going to bring our car for sale, too! Should be fun. See you bright and early :)

Samantha said...

It's all good. I just found a cute one at Walmart. :O) You don't have any crib mattresses, though, do you?

Cary said...

KIm!! So sorry I already got a hiking pack. I orginally thought you were having the garage sale two weeks ago and I knew I wouldn't be able to make it out to your area. I haven't checked many blogs since then so I didn't know you were actually doing it this weekend! Bummer. Well, I may still stop by because Hannah could use some fun stuff and I am all about yard sales!
I hope that things in your life will come together soon. I can't imagine all that has happened! We love you! Ya know, lets plan a playdate with Ben and Amanda too. We haven't seen you all for a long time!!

Andrea Lemon said...

Kim ... Let me know what stuff doesn't sell. I am not able to make it down to your place on Saturday but if there is some good/cute baby stuff i'd be interested in taking a look at it and picking it up later.