Thursday, June 12, 2008


Ya...I wish I knew where they were too. You want a post or you want pictures...'cause we can have neither if you'd like. kids were both SICK when I left for Chicago...they are both still sick. I am having some TERRIBLE allergy issues myself.

I'll leave you with some more Chicago funny. Just proof that I still got it.

The setting: Rosebud Restaurant

Me, Leisha, and our new friend Heather.

I go to the restroom to wash my yucky humidity groddy hands.

Leisha and Heather talk.

I come back and the little waiter (with a hott accent) brings our drinks etc.

We order.

Heather goes to wash her hands.

Cute waiter comes back with meals.

Me: "Cute waiter, where on earth did you get your accent? It is BEAUTIFUL."

Cute waiter: "It's from Switzerland."

Me: "Switzerland, really? I would have guessed Italy...or Spain."

Cute waiter: "Indeed, Switzerland."

Me: "Well, it is nice."

Cute waiter: "I give private accent lessons on Friday nights."

Me: Blushing.

I want the world to know I am HAPPILY married to THE most wonderful man on the planet. But I will allow a cute bald waiter with an amazing accent to flirt with me. The spring was back in my step for a night at least.

Thank you cute waiter.


Leisha said...

Ummm. I think you left out the leaning in, the sweet smile and then the offer for the free accent classes. :-) He was all over it and yes, he was good looking.

Amy and Josh said...

I love those accents too, Sound like you had a blast Kim!

ec said...

that's hilarious...

love me some yummy accents too;)

Christal said...

that was funny love accents too. but the previous post still has me laughing how fun!! Life is to short not to have fun !! Looks like you guys had a roit!! You've needed a good break sounds like you had one!! Good for you ! I really need one one of these days !

Miss Myra said...

dood, its cuz your fetching hot. i know it you know it and know chicago knows it. and apparently switzerland which says alot becuase they like to stay as neutral as possible. go fight win. teach me your jedi mind tricks. i dont have one of them amazing husbands or anything of the like. teach young grasshoppa

Holly said...

you crack me up - first the Filipino guy in Hawaii and now swiss waiters?

kimsueellen said...

I'm multi-cultural, what can I say?

marci helen said...

for sure you were hit on by mr. cute waiter!! you are a cutie!

Laur said...

we will hang out we will we will

moosh in indy. said...

Hello? Your husband has an accent that makes me twitter.

The Lilly's said...

You go girl!

kimsueellen said...

Wohooo!!!! I agree with the waiter...... My wife is hot!!!! I likethat!!!!

(From Flavio)