Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hoping to Adopt (Again) Part 6

Welcome to our next installment of "Hoping to Adopt".

I'm pretty sure they were dying for their turn. My apologies that I am just so stinking lazy sometimes. But this family...they are so utterly cute. This little girl would make THE BEST big sister EVER!
Arianne is such a good mom to little Anika. I am always amazed by how many fun activities this family does together, and how much time they spend with their extended family. A baby would be welcomed into their home with SO much love. If you know of anyone who is contemplating adoption and you feel Greg and Arianne would be a good match...remember them! ;)


Arianne said...

Thank you Kim!! :) You didn't forget me after all!!

dust and kam said...

Yes! They are totally awesome!

Leisha said...

Hey, I know them! :-) lol They are a fantastic family for sure. Ditto on the family things. They have a huge family and keep in touch with everyone. They are just great like that.