Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I am a dork.

Photograph Courtesy of Lilliana, my client's daughter. Thanks Lilliana!
With a capital D. Yo peeps. How are you?
Me? well I would LOVE to lie and say I am doing My-T-Fine...but...well I already told you THAT would be a lie. And I don't lie...so...so what then? Then I will SPARE you the dramatics and update ya'll on LIFE.
I wish I had some more quirky and funny things to write about, but alas, we are BORING folks.
Let's talk about that photograph of me! I am SUCH a dork. I like it though, there aren't many of me...so I'll take it. I usually let my client's kids take a photo or two with my camera if they want...and she wanted and she did a great job. Such a cute family. Guess what?! I started RUNNING. Can you believe it? I can't. When I say "running" I mean, WITHOUT stopping. Not like I usually did when I said I went "jogging" or "running". I am training for something...I don't have the guts to put up WHAT...but when and if I feel I can actually do this I would be happy to share, for now...just know I am doing REALLY well and I am so PLEASED with myself. Just needed to pat myself on the back.
So, LJ...here is the OFFICIAL word. He leaves us on Thursday. This Thursday. I am not sure how I feel about all of this. I can't tell you how I feel about much of anything. I just hope he is happy...and that his mother is happy, and that his life will be MUCH better than when he came to us...and for his sake I hope he doesn't have to come back here! (Because if he did it would mean he would have endured more trauma...he just needs stability.)
Well for the sake of having this be ultra long. I'll leave the post here. Have a good day!


ec said...


i'm so excited for you, and excited to hear what you're training for. you can do it!

if you haven't checked out this book, do it. it really changed the way i ran:

running: start to finish, by john stanton.

good luck!

Cassie said...

Beautiful Kim. Love you lots my friend.

Amy said...

Awesome on the running!

Christal said...

Kim you are beautiful! Have so much fun training for whatever it is your training for. You are so awesome I love that you care so deeply for this little guy how heartbreaking to think how things might have been, how they might be and what you really want. Life sure throws alot of curve balls eh we just have to turn them around and huck them back eh!!
I love your blog because you are so real you tell it like it is happy,or sad you are the best!! Good luck with all. ttys

dust and kam said...

I love this photo of you!

You are awesome!

I hope everything goes well with little LJ. He surely was blessed through you.

Ron and Jessica said...

At least you're a nice dork - hee hee!

Adri said...

Kim I know that LJ's life will be much better because he got to be with you. It is so important for these kids to have a stable enviroment and you were able to provide that for him. I always tell the foster families that I work with that I don't know how they do their job as a foster parent but that their job is one of the most important jobs out there. These kids need good people like you to love them, even if they don't live with you for as long as you had hoped. The kids know that they are loved by you!!! Hang in there and call me if you need to talk!

Heather said...

I love the photo!! Love that you are training (me too, TWIN??!!)!! I love that you are such a good mommy and friend!!! I love you!!

I hate that you are sad! I hate that you have a "thursday"! I hate that you think you are boring!! I hate your battles!!!

Let me know if I can do anything to help!! Your in my prayers!!
P.S. how is the Chelsia?

Lace said...

Wow! Way cool lighting in that picture of you! I'm impressed! I can't wait to hear what you are training for!!! How exciting!

I too hope the best for LJ and his mom! Hopefully this little break for them will get them back on track and he can have a happy little life! I really do hope this for him, cause I'm sure this little guy deserves it!

Arianne said...

love that picture of you, you are beautiful!! congrats on running! way to go. I need to pick up on running again. I loved it when I went. hated getting up early but loved it when I came home!! you give me inspiration to do it again!!

also I am sorry LJ is leaving on Thursday. I hope he can always remember the love he felt in your home, and that he can be in a stable loving home.

Holly said...

Good luck with the running - sounds like torture to me but hey..to each their own ;-) Just kidding, I am sure you will love what it does for you to accomplish a running goal.

Amy and Josh said...

Oh Kim I am a dork too with a huge D...I always tell Josh that he married a dork.

I am so glad to hear you are running:) You are definitely an inspiration for me, hopefully I can say I am running too in a few weeks-I hope. It is alway difficult for me to just do it.

I hope Thursday isn't too hard on you and your family, I'll be thinking of you.
Love you Kim

mommyoffour said...

You are so stinkin' cute, I love this picture of you! Good luck with the fun, I am sure you will do well and as you cross that finish line, you will be one proud girl! I wish I was ambitious like you are!