Monday, June 23, 2008

Post 200

What better way to have a 200th post then by re-posting my 100 things about me. Some of you may remember it...but I have a ton of new enjoy. Good workshop photos and schtuff to come soon!

1. I have two wonderful children and a loving husband.
2. I have a strong testimony of the gospel.
3. I love lounging around the house with nothing to do but spend time with my children.
4. I can’t believe that I am 26, I still feel like I am 16, only a whole lot wiser.
5. I never want to grow up.
6. I can’t believe I was half-way through college with my major as English.
7. I wish I had the stamina I did two years ago when I lost 25 pounds, I would like to find that Kim again.
8. I get migraines a lot and the only thing that helps are Excedrin Migraine, a Dr. Pepper, and a Chicken, Bacon, and Swiss sandwich from Arby’s.
9. I don’t even like soda pop unless it is with said migraine.
10. I don’t believe in judging others.
11. I can speak Portuguese, but I only speak it with my children because I am too shy.
12. My husband is ½ Italian, and ½ Brazilian and I think that is totally hott.
13. I hate talking on the phone.
14. I am painfully shy, until I get to know someone, this makes me appear stuck up.
15. I know all too well what it feels like to have your heart broken.
16. I hate driving in the snow, rain, or heavy winds; it sends me into an anxiety attack.
17. I am afraid of failing.
18. I wish I could have studied art like my mom did. She wanted me to be something more. I regret that now.
19. My husband buys me roses every year on our anniversary. Although, I really like sunflowers and daisies.
20. I am afraid of pumping gasoline, although I am the one that does it most of the time.
21. I am the second oldest of nine siblings, and I only share the same parents with one of them.
22. My maternity wardrobe is better than my wardrobe now.
23. I love newborns.
24. My kids make me laugh everyday! 25. My husband gave me an iPod it makes me feel so happy to listen to it because it reminds me of him.
26. I have been to Brazil twice.
27. My body was ravaged by childbirth.
28. JC Penney is my dirty little secret for buying clothes; they have the best sales EVER.
29. I am so happy we have a Forever 21...FINALLY.
30. I hate all logos on clothing.
31. I want the perfect childhood for my kids.
32. Target is one of my favorite stores on the planet.
33. I went back to school to study what I have always wanted: Photography. 34. I admire my grandfather for so many reasons; it is because of him I want to take photographs.
35. When I was in high school I wanted to be a pediatrician.
36. I like to window shop.
37. I have a weirdly scary photographic memory; it freaks me, and everyone around me out!
38. I like to cook, but hate to clean up after myself.
40. I would like to lose 30 more pounds.
41. I wish we were more financially stable.
42. I don’t watch much television. Except, House, ER, CSI, Law and Order…okay so I do watch a little.
43. I don’t like a lot of noise.
44. I like picture frames.
45. I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers.
46. I am so thankful for what I have.
47. It is hard to share my innermost thoughts with anyone.
48. My favorite place to visit is the ocean.
49. I am totally and utterly in love with my home. I really think I may stay here forever.
50. I always buy my kids a cookie from Mrs. Fields when we go to the mall together. 51. I often feel like a failure at things others say I am good at.
52. I have suffered hearing loss.
53. I don’t have a favorite restaurant. But I like many, Sizzler, The Melting Pot, The Mandarin, and Johnny Carinos (only for the bread).
54. I love when my husband kisses me on the forehead.
55. Losing a baby was one of the most difficult things I have ever endured.
56. I hate ice-cream and I don’t really like chocolate anymore. I thank pregnancy for this.
57. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father blessed me with my children. 58. I'm basically obsessed with blogging. I wish everyone had a blog.
59. I don’t have a favorite food.
60. I suffer from insomnia on a daily basis.
61. I hate clutter.
62. I spend more on an outfit for my kids than I would ever on myself.
63. I hate going to the gym until I walk through the door.
64. I love meeting new people.
65. I love to serve.
66. I hate doing my hair, but love putting on makeup.
67. Sometimes I wish I weren’t so lazy.
68. I only eat healthy cereal.
69. My family is my life.
70. I am thankful I can walk, see, hear, taste, smell, talk, and think.
71. I am afraid of losing someone I love.
72. I wish that I could keep my house totally clean all the time.
73. I hate knickknacks.
74. I wish I were more patient.
75. I love being back in school and learning.
76. I worry about what others think about me. I want to be accepted.
77. I used to be addicted to Oreo cookies, now I abhor them.
78. I love trying new things.
79. I like to vacuum the floor.
80. I wish I had the strength to run a marathon. (Funny...maybe I will someday.)
81. I am terrible at math.
82. Growing up, my closest and dearest friends were guys.
83. I hate sharing food with anyone. This is how my husband knows I love him.
84. I love to see growth in myself.
85. I have been to Connecticut and I loved it!
86. I love the smell of lavender baby wash; I used it long before I had children.
87. I hate a lot of things that I do well at.
88. My last job before becoming a mother was a seamstress.
89. I like to sleep in.
90. Sometimes I eat cereal for dinner because I crave it.
91. I drink skim milk.
92. I want my children to love me as much as I love them.
93. I feel contentment with my life.
94. I look at life differently through my camera.
95. I keep a journal on my computer, like Doogie Howser 96. My guilty pleasure is scouring photography websites on my dial-up connection. Pathetic.
97. I buy toys for my kids because I want to play with them.
98. I really like cars, and think I would like to buy a Lexus someday, but my husband wants a Suburban.
99. I want to travel more.
100. I want to have my family forever.

Wow. I totally had to change some of these. I can't believe how much has changed about me in two years. I think I have grown a lot. Have a great Monday people!


dust and kam said...

Wow, we have even more in common than I thought! I love your list and I loved learning more about you!

I bet if I looked at my list of 100 things, I'd probably have to change most of them!

You have a good Monday too!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I have a 100 things about me scrap book page...I should totally do a blog about this. ;)
This was a great way to get to know you better. Thanks for sharing.
I had to laugh, because I have a dial-up connection at home too! I get so much crap for it. Oh well! I only get on the computer to blog, and I pay next to nothing for internet.
Have a good week!

Christal said...

that is awesome I love get to know you things like that!We have alot in common!! Hope your feeling better!

Marc and Megan said...

Happy 200th post!! That was fun to read! I love learning about all the different layers of your personality that make you so unique. Thanks for sharing! :)

Holly said...

Hearing loss...that's a good card to play when your husband is upstairs yelling for help with a toddler/poop issue. Use it, honey. Lord knows my husband does...and he doesn't even have a hearing loss.

Amy said...

Wow... that is a lot of information all at once! I don't think I could come up with 100 things.

Ron and Jessica said...

I vote for the Lexus!
This is a great idea bytheway. Our 100th post is coming soooooon.

moosh in indy. said...

101. I'm freaking awesome.

Amy and Josh said...

There are some things I didn't know about you Kim, the whole talking on the phone thing is definitely one of mine too-and several others!

Marie Louise said...

What a great idea. I've just discovered your blog and now I know 200 hundred things about you! I'll be back!

Carlotta said...

I like to read this now that I know you better, =)

First of all I want to tell the world that your Portuguese is AMAZING!! I love to hear you speak it because it amazes me that you were able to learn is so well as an adult.

I think back to our breakfast "date" and how quiet you were. I am glad that I was privelaged to be one that you haven't stay shy with. I LOBE who you are!

Because you know what it is like to have your heart broken ( which BLOWS chunks ) Your heart is even bigger and you have more compassion for others.

You have a rockin husband and some of the best kids. I only say some because I have my own ;)

I look up to you and learn so much from you. Good thing we all have each other to learn from .

Andrea Lemon said...

This is so cute ... I have to admit though, the whole time I was reading it, I kept think ... "Holy Cow ... I wonder how long it took her to write all of these." But that is just my strange mind working.
This is pretty cool. I might see if I can do this one day. Maybe when it is slow on a weekend at work.

Shan said...

wow. I don't think that I could come up with a hundred thing about myself....10 was hard enough. Very cool, it is good to get to know you better....again! You are so great Kimmie!

mommyoffour said...

I am laughing because as I read your list again, the same two things jumped out at me. First, you hate knick knacks... ditto! Second, you abhor oreos!?!?! How could that be?!?! :)

Thanks for sharing this again!