Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Garth and Rebecca! I can't wait to kiss on her!

P.S. I love these CONGRATULATIONS posts. It gives me hope...and I hope it does to you too that miracles are happening all around us...whether it be through adoption, through a healthy pregnancy, a new job, anything happy can help strengthen us. I feel strengthened and SO thankful to see these babies entering the world. LOVE IT! Thanks Bec for using the term MIRACLE...exactly how I am feeling. Squee...did I mention I can't wait to meet her?!


Amanda said...

Yes, miracles are happening all over! Thank you for reminding me!

Arianne said...

she is beautiful! thanks for the post and for the reminder that miracles happen every day!

Leisha said...

I love that chub on her right thigh there! Usually they have such skinny legs at birth! She is a beauty!