Thursday, October 3, 2013

Diamond Cutting | Utah Product Photography

One of my favorite styles of photography is documentary, and a close second is product photography. I love a chance to marry the two.

Diamond Cutting, LLC. of Utah recently hired me to document their die making process, and to photograph some items for their website. Die making is seriously fascinating. I could watch it all day.

The documentary photography was photographed on location using Kodak Portra 400, while the products were photographed in my studio and then cut out using Photoshop to create the brilliant white background.

 photo DiamondCutting053_zps9d0a1eec.jpg

A collection of dies.

 photo DiamondCutting052_zps9275356b.jpg

Ready for the press.

 photo DiamondCutting050_zps593df697.jpg

 photo DiamondCutting051_zps552fd0dd.jpg

Many types of dies are cut using a modified letterpress machine and are done by hand. This machine was amazing and I may have wanted to run away with it. Maybe if it wasn't so heavy.

 photo DiamondCutting049_zpsb782bc99.jpg

Handmade dies. The boards are cut using a laser cutter, and the die blades are cut by hand and hammered into place. A long and amazing process.

 photo DiamondCutting046_zps288b8fa8.jpg

 photo DiamondCutting044_zps7d7ad6f8.jpg

 photo DiamondCutting045_zps323681ca.jpg

 photo DiamondCutting043_zpsc21349e0.jpg  photo DiamondCutting039_zpsd00e861d.jpg  photo DiamondCutting033_zps08e77448.jpg  photo DiamondCutting020_zps7057cbc4.jpg  photo DiamondCutting013_zps677afdd9.jpg  photo DiamondCutting005_zps402b5fd6.jpg  photo DiamondCutting004_zpsf7fd995c.jpg
My job is rad.

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Your job is seriously rad.