Monday, October 7, 2013

Botox from Elase Medical Spa | The Results





Check out my before and after photos, they speak for themselves:


 photo ElaseElaseMedicalSpasBotoxBOTOXBotoxfromElaseDoesElasedoBotoxBotoxUtahUtahBotoxTreatmentIsBotoxAffordable001_zpsa1922262.jpg 
  photo ElaseElaseMedicalSpasBotoxBOTOXBotoxfromElaseDoesElasedoBotoxBotoxUtahUtahBotoxTreatmentIsBotoxAffordable002_zps9162096f.jpg 
 photo ElaseElaseMedicalSpasBotoxBOTOXBotoxfromElaseDoesElasedoBotoxBotoxUtahUtahBotoxTreatmentIsBotoxAffordable004_zps871504a2.jpg
  photo ElaseElaseMedicalSpasBotoxBOTOXBotoxfromElaseDoesElasedoBotoxBotoxUtahUtahBotoxTreatmentIsBotoxAffordable003_zpsd747dc12.jpg

My after photos were taken (by my 9 year old, sorry they are a little blurry.) 8 days after my treatment.

Everything Shari told me to expect happened. My forehead felt "heavy" for the entire week. I would find myself purposefully trying to move my forehead to see if it would wrinkle, and it wouldn't! These were the only side effects I had. As you can see, the results were amazing and yet subtle. I could still express myself through facial expressions, but the wrinkling was dramatically decreased.

I understand Botox lasts around 4 months time. Would I do have Botox again? ABSOLUTELY! As I mentioned in my previous post, it is virtually painless. At least it was for me. So painless in fact I can't quite find something to compare the miniscule amount of pain that I had.

One thing that I learned? Botox can help PREVENT wrinkles from forming. Say what? I always thought Botox was for 'old' ladies, I could not have been further from the truth. How amazing is it to have a product on the market that can prevent you from ever having to suffer from wrinkling? How lovely to keep your younger skin looking young before it has a chance to be scarred with wrinkles and lines? I am impressed and amazed and my mind is forever changed.

Check out Elase Medical Spa's website for more information on membership fees for Botox and their other amazing services!

***Disclaimer: For the next few months I will be blogging about my experience with Elase Medical Spas. While I am receiving treatments in return for my opinion about my experience, please be assured they are my own and I have chosen to be very choosy about the things I share with my readers, and any and all opinions I have about Elase and my experiences will be my own. I have chosen to work with Elase because I believe it can benefit so many of us who may be curious about a medical spa but may not feel comfortable approaching one on their own. I hope to change those feelings. Let's take care of ourselves and treat ourselves!***

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jelly andrews said...

Wow! There is really an obvious change. You look wrinkle-free. But how much does the procedure cost?