Saturday, October 12, 2013

Click Retreat Photo Scavenger Hunt and Southwest Airlines

I am currently in Baltimore, MD, on my way home from the most amazing few days. I had the opportunity to attend the first ever Click Retreat sponsored by Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines was SO. GENEROUS. and provided all of the attendees flights to and home from the retreat. Can you believe that?

As part of the retreat we had the opportunity to participate in a photo scavenger hunt. This was my first time participating and I was so excited for the opportunity to stretch my photography, and imagination. Even better? They are giving two winners a pair of round trip tickets to fly anywhere Southwest/Air Tran flies. Wha?

Onto the Photo Scavenger Hunt:

 photo LuggageattheDoor_zps04376a92.jpg

Your luggage at the door.

 photo SomethingBLUEonthewaytotheairport_zps9322a702.jpg

Something "BLUE" on the way to the airport.

 photo Airplanesnacks_zps975f4ecf.jpg

Airplane snacks.

 photo ASouthwestAirlineswinglet_zps75f86f97.jpg

A Southwest winglet.

   photo Theviewfrom35000feet_zps570c1d6d.jpg

The view from 35,000 feet.

   photo NorfolkInternationalAirportsign_zpsa8b2db65.jpg

Norfolk International Airport sign.

 photo TheAtlanticOcean_zps26f99a01.jpg

The Atlantic Ocean.

 photo AREDheart_zps64c1088a.jpg

A RED heart.

 photo Agroupshot_zpsf880bd69.jpg

A group shot (5 people or more) of Click Retreat attendees.

    photo Asandcastle_zps2dd92e00.jpg

A sand castle.

   photo ASelfie_zpsb1691747.jpg 

A "selfie".

 photo YourFlipFlops_zps0cf9ab2d.jpg

Your flip flops.

(The Atlantic swallowed my right flip flop. It came back 10 minutes later. Can you believe that?! Yay!)

 photo Ahumanpyramid_zps2a2045f0.jpg

Click retreaters making a human pyramid.

 photo SomethingYELLOW_zpse2a9c60e.jpg

Something YELLOW (your choice).

 photo Asunset_zpsb9a1b3c5.jpg

A sunset.

 photo AFreshFish_zps241d2664.jpg

A "fresh" fish. 
(Get it? "Fresh"? *Giggle*)

 photo SomethingILUV_zpsd29384c9.jpg

Something you LUV.
(Casey. I don't get to see her enough. Here I am keeping her from sweeping into the Atlantic like a flip flop.)

Thank you so much Today's Mama and Southwest Airlines for such a fun opportunity!


joy the baker said...

i love these shots and i'm so so happy we got to meet and spend time together! you shine bright!

kami @ said...

Love you Kim! I'm so glad we got to go together! You are the sweetest.

kami @ said...

Love you Kim! I Loved getting to go with you on this trip, you are the sweetest.

Anna said...

I love this album so much. You're a winner!

Emily said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I absolutely love these photos. I think the ocean, "fresh" fish and selfie are my faves. xoxo

Kim -today's creative blog said...

These are amazing! Were we on the same trip? :)

Jennie said...

Great shots, Kim! Congrats on the tickets.

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

DYING at your photos. So good! Do we know the winner of this? YOU better win #justsayin!