Friday, June 29, 2012

Then there were four.

Kids that is. (Well, sort of.)

The end of March I made the mistake of going to the animal shelter for Family Home Evening (FHE for short.) My kids adore FHE or "Family Night" because it usually involves some sort of activity and treats. I mean, even I look forward to it because, well, I love treats.

If you have half a heart, even if you are like me and loathe animals, (I know I am so cruel) you will be unable to leave the animal shelter without crying. There are animals who have been over fed, under fed, beaten, and abused. There are animals that are sick, and animals that are just plain lost. I am a huge advocate of spaying and neutering, and believe strongly that if you have an animal you need to take care of it. The thing is, I just never wanted a pet. Ever.

We left that night knowing what we could do to help our local shelter, and as we went to bed that night Flavio looked over at me with a puppy dog look of his own and started talking about "That Chihuahua". Oh. My. Word. I wasn't going to admit it at the time, or EVER that -THAT- Chihuahua stole my heart as well. BLAST IT. The next days and throughout the next week Flavio went to the shelter every single day to make sure they knew he was going to adopt that dog. His life involved waiting lists and first dibs, etc. Eventually two weeks later we got the call that the dog could be ours, and that he was ready to pick up.

We brought home a very much neutered and very sleepy Tad. Camilla decided that she did not want to share him with anyone and that he was, "Mine dog!" She cried whenever she had to leave him and she wanted to hold him all day, and still does! She is very selfish with him, and Tad is very patient with her, for a very long time, until he isn't, then they both get time outs.

Here is a glimpse of their love:

This girl with her constant need for pink 'polwish'.

She shares everything with him. Even her sunglasses.

Everyone (but me...mostly) loves the dog. He has become a great addition to our family. I mean, he loves us SO much he pees on everything, poops everywhere, chews up our shoes, just like a baby, and Flavio said he didn't want anymore kids. However, just like our children did, he has stolen our hearts...well, every heart but mine. (Kind of...but I will never admit it.)


Mostly Jessica said...

Oh man.

Amy said...

If only the poop and pee sait "i love you", if only Kim. So funny!
After getting our choc lab I knew I was not a true pet person, but they do grow on you I guess.

Holly said...

That's dogs for your - can't live with them and can't....serve them for dinner. I completely get the frustration but if you can stick it out until he's older they do get milder mannered and (mostly) housebroken. Good luck!

Emily said...

Oh, sister. You know exactly how I feel about this. ;)

Melinda said...

You are a kind woman! I have decided our kids can have pet rocks and that is about it.

Josh and Anna said...

Congratulations on the dog! I'm sure he will find a special place in your heart, puppies have a way of doing that. Those pictures are so darling! I love her giant grin. True love:)