Friday, June 1, 2012

Thoughts for a Friday Afternoon

I wish I would have blogged two days ago. I was having -the- best day ever. However, I find myself on this Friday afternoon tired and a wee bit sad. I don't know why. I hate feeling this way, I realize it will pass, it is just hard to realize that I can't always control how I feel. While I am still trying my best to choose to be happy, it is on days like today that it is just a little extra hard to take a deep breath and move onto the next task, when all I really want to do is run away to Hawaii. By. Myself.

However, reality sets in and I remember I have three of these little people. That girl there reminded me that I would have MUCH more fun if I took my kids to Hawaii with me (no really, she told me that when I said I wanted to run away.) Then I laughed and squished on her, and her older brother and her baby sister, then I remember how good life is. I am lucky. Truly.

I have the best kids on the planet, I am pretty certain of that. While the little one screams a lot, I don't know what I would do without her, or how about that middle child who LOVES to talk and talk and talk, or my boy who is all boy, and yet so sweet and caring and wants to always make everyone around him happy and find joy as he does. They are all so very smart and FUNNY. I think they get the funny from me. See? Another reminder that life is good. I am funny sometimes.

These people have been trying to help me stop saying bad words. They have me on a bad habit 'sticker chart'. I have been trying for 2 months, I only have one sticker which means I only went ONE day without saying a bad word. I struggle. However, I discovered that most of the bad words happen around bedtime. The jury is still out as to why on Earth the bad words start exploding at that time of day. (-Insert sarcastic grin.-)

These are the people getting me through, making me crazy, helping me to reach to be better.

These are my Friday afternoon thoughts.

My last thought? I hope you have a beautiful weekend. Truly.

Soak in some sunshine, kiss on the ones you love, hug on them just a little bit more, just a little longer. Serve someone. Eat something delicious, take a walk, forgive the dog when he poops on your floor or eats your new Merida doll. Run through a sprinkler, blow on a dandelion without the fear of spreading the seeds all over your lawn. Grab some sidewalk chalk. Spend too much money on a new charger for the Power Wheels and go nuts. I plan on doing it all.

I hope you do it too.




The Melanson Crew said...

This made me choke up a bit. Thank you for the reminder!

The Melanson Crew said...

This made me choke up - thank you for the reminder.

Emily said...

I love these reminders to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment--even if I'm ornery and tired and a bit under the weather. I think I'll eat something delicious and blow a dandelion over the neighbor's yard. ;)

Amy said...

Missed you today, my friday fix and my amazing Friend:)

let's run away soon, ok. Promise. . . love ya:)

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

ha ha emily cracks me up! I was having a good day a few days ago as well and today...blah! moody and sad! I need to remember to be happy and thankful for what i have and stop sulking so much! luv ya

vanessaa said...

You do have sweet beautiful kiddos :) If you get 10 days in a row I will treat you to lunch.

Anna Jaeger said...

I'm going to Boston by myself for two weeks in July. You can come with me.