Monday, January 17, 2011

Of Moosh's, Mozzi's, and amazing friends.

Dear Casey,

8 years ago. Can you believe it has been that long?

It all started with you taking over being Princess of Ladies Tops while I was downgraded to Wench of Men's Tops. I would have much rather fondled the male bottoms all day, then I wouldn't have had to look over and wonder, "Who is that new girl?" I would ask around, "So who is this Casey girl? What was the name of that bundle handler? Oh, you know the older one with longish hair and nails for days, my mind escapes me. She was my source of info. You were loved and adored, and somehow I had to get in on it.

Then, oh! One day a treat, it was a late summer treat in the break room. Orangesicles, and fudgesicles. You took the last orange. I was obviously pregnant and on a rage, and opened my big mouth! "Way to go and take the last orangesicle, Casey!"

That was it. We have been friends ever since. This is how most of my amazing friendships start, and I am thankful you were no stranger to my tremendously odd ways of, "Oh my goodness, I could NEVER be friends with her." *giggle*

I have watched you become a mother once, and happily, now twice. I know the journey has been long and stressful and one full of tears. Sadly, I know that journey too. My heart has ached with yours, when I found out much too late about some of your bouts with depression while pregnant with Moosh, and now with Mozzi. It doesn't help that I am so far away from you that there isn't much I can do but check up on you through email, text, and phone calls. It just isn't the same. Please know massive amounts of thoughts (ALL good now) and prayers are coming from this home all across the country on your behalf. The Big Man loves you tremendously, tremendously.

So today, today my gift is all about you. It is about the strength and ability to keep our cool, keep our heads in the heat of the battle, in the depths of depression. It is about recognizing our strengths in the turmoil of our weaknesses. YOU are strong. You are fighting the battle...and winning. You are going to be an amazing new mother to this Mozzi girl. (Gift is in the mail, you should have gotten it with STRICT instructions not to open it until today. I don't know if I could have waited, but I hope you did, it will make it funner. Sorry it isn't raw bacon.)

That is what we BFFs do. We stick together and fight, with the occasional hard words to be said and chocolate cake, sausages, and vacations along the way.

Love you to the moon and back and onto Pluto. Enjoy the next 15 weeks of Mozzi love.




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moosh in indy. said...

Oh my love.

Thank you for this, and for the necklace, it's like the modern version of those two half hearts that when you press them together spell BFF.

It's like the totally badass version. Well, depression version maybe. Heh.

I can't eat an orangecicle without thinking of you, and oh how ashamed I am that I took the last one away from the pregnant lady, now that I know the rage of a pregnant woman's stomach.

to the moon and right back.


designHER Momma said...

awe, I love this. Love the two of you!

Barb @ getupandplay said...


Emily said...

Absolutely beautiful post, Kim. But you are a wonder with the words. Someday I hope to meet Casey in person, for if you love her that much, I am bound to as well!

Kellee said...

All of this is making me so happy!

And oddly enough, some of my longest lasting friendships started in much the same fashion. I love how that works. :)

sam {temptingmama} said...

You're so sweet, Kim. Casey is sure blessed to have a friend like you, as am I.


Vanessa said...

you are a good good friend miss.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

BFF's are the BEST thing since sliced bread.

You two are gorgeous!

Camille said...

what a beautiful tribute. I hope to one day meet Casey IRL. She must be a wonder if she's that bonded to you! Hugs to you Kim!

Heather said...

this is so sweet and I am so happy that because of Casey I got to know you Kim!