Thursday, August 26, 2010


Sometimes, there are no words. Sometimes a photo can really say a thousand words.

This week has been a roller coaster. One full of many tears and sorrows, one full of happy news and excitement. Lost a dear friend this week, found out many friends are expecting, both biologically and adoptive-ly (I am certain that is NOT a word.)

Needless to say, my heart is full.

Full of hope.

Full of gratitude.

Full of love.

What has your week been like?


designHER Momma said...

Honestly, I've had a really great week. I've felt peace and contentment that I've been missing for so long. Let's hope it stays.

Katie said...

Glad your week has had some good news mixed in with the bad. Our week has been interesting in that K's birthmom contacted us and she may be coming for a visit soon! 4 years ago I never would have guessed I'd be okay with the idea but now I'm pretty excited! Hope your weekend is full of only the good stuff!

Heather said...

My week seemed rushed, I am in the middle of another fibro flare up and your enevelope came and it made my heart soar.

Thank You.

Olivia Singleton said...

I LOVE these photos. Someday soon can I pay you for the right to print them?

kimsueellen said...

I will print one for you Liv.

Olivia Singleton said...

Oh, how I love you.

Miss Myra said...

my week and week since have been full of cuts and slices as you know. but lots of healing. thanks to my wonderful heavenly father and the comfort of the spirit and wonderful friends like you that visit silly girls in the hospital. thanks kimmie