Thursday, May 27, 2010


My last post was also my 500th post.
(But if you count the two years I de-blogged, it is more like my 1000th post.
Just FYI.
Love you, thanks for coming back and loving me through all the shee.)
Please come back next week for a
special celebratory giveaway!


The most amazing thing is happening this summer.
July 13, 2010!

My friends Natalie Norton and Jonathan Canlas are having a one day Workshop.
I am going to be there.
Are you?
PLEASE oh please come and hang with me, and meet these amazing photographer's and people!
I love the name:

(ironically my 'Norton' anti virus just popped up on my screen, it is a sign you must come!)

e-mail Natalie or Jon for details:

natalienorton{at}gmail{dot} com

and have a glorious day.

<3 me.

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