Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ross the Intern and My Grandpa Jerry

I have forgotten the hilarity of Ross the Intern
when he crossed paths with my Grandpa Jerry a few years back.

It wasn't until some friends and I were discussing when

Ross met Danny,

the newest winner of The Biggest Loser on Tuesday night.
How that Ross had us in stitches.

My Grandpa Jerry, (my dad's stepdad) passed away a few years ago.

Go and enjoy the hilarity for yourself:


Is the last thing Jerry says to Ross not the funniest thing you have EVER heard?

I miss him. I know my brother misses him dearly.

What a treasure this video is.


Jon said...

That video is hilarious!! Your grandpa is way so cute and funny! Thanks for sharing the video.

mandee said...

We love Ross too! The milking the cow reminded me of when my brothers used to do that with our goats! Watch out they could get you even if you were 10 feet away! Totally funny! What a great memory of your grandpa!

Katie said...

Love me some Ross! He is so funny! That video of your grandpa is priceless, I'm glad you have that.

I was bummed to miss you too but we will be back in 2 weeks for Christmas so we'll definitely have to set something up then! I miss you!

UtahMan said...

I stole that video and uploaded it to youtube a while back. Jerry was a man's man. One of the two toughest guys I'll probably ever know.

I think about him all the time.