Monday, December 28, 2009

Of Old Ladies ,Teenagers and er Thirty Somethings.

I started the training for this today.

I. am. beat.

Due to the freezing cold temperatures here in my hometown, I have had to resort to getting a membership to our local family fitness center.
I ran on an indoor track today.

One mile is 11 times around the track.

That is 33 laps.

Thirty. Three.

My mind is still numb.

There has to be a better way.

Until then, it will be me, my iPod, and the numbers going through my head...
lap 1...lap 2...lap 3...etc...

While I am certainly tired, I am excited to be on this journey again.
I had forgotten how much I love running for the sheer ME time it allows.

There is something about spending an hour or more with yourself,
meditating and conversing.
(Is it possible to meditate while running?)

I was able to release a lot of pent up frustration and problem solve a few things.

When I wasn't problem solving, I kept my eye on the random
mop buckets strewn about the track.
Three to be exact.
They were red.
Were they there because the roof happens to have leaks at those particular points?
Or perhaps they were there in case someone needed to puke?
(I would be lying if I said the thought hadn't crossed my mind that I may have to puke in them...I actually have been feeling all day the need to puke since my three miles this morning.)


Other thoughts?

How come that girl who looked to be about 13 was out lapping me repeatedly?
Every time she would pass me, I just kept thinking...
"I am almost 30." "I don't got it anymore."
PROOF I am getting...eek O-L-D

Then...toward lap 25 an older lady with silver hair pushing a walker got on the track...and for the next 8 laps, it felt SO good to pass her repeatedly.

is having 13 year old pass BOTH me and the old lady at the same time.
I'm just going to pretend that didn't happen.

What are you all up to after all the holiday goodness?


Jenny and Brett said...

33 laps!?! I would totally resort to the treadmill! Do they have t.v.'s infront of your treadmills? That's the only way I have been able to train. I plop on a treadmill that is placed infront of a t.v., put in my ipod and go for it! I have to run 8 miles on the treadmill this Saturday and the only way I am going to get through it is if something good is on TNT at 10 am!!

Kim said...

I did 2 miles outside the other day, and was then freezing all day (Louisville was still warmer than Utah though!). I walked most of it but when I started running, my back was screaming at me, "You're old!" I am almost 30 also. My goal is to spend my 30s healthier than my 20s!

Amy and Josh said...

This cold weather has put a strain on my fitness as well. So next month I am buying a pass to a fitness center . . . jogging here I come:)
That is hilarious about passing the old lady-I would be the same way.

Cassie said...

Go Kim! I need to get some running going in my own life... maybe next week. :)

trifitmom said...

use the treadmills OR get yourself a garmin forerunner so it will keep track of your miles instead of you counting ....aweseome job signing up and starting training

Julie Carlile said...

WOW that sounds like something I would do. I just did 130 more push ups, crunches and squats more than I normally do each night just because I did my math wrong. (Long Story) I was sore the next day but it was the good sore that makes me feel like I am becoming a better person, the one my body wants me to become. We are just catching up on house stuff after the holidays. Nothing Fancy. I am getting super excited for Kambree's birthday coming up though. Take care. XOXOXOXO

Lace said...

oooo! So exciting! Good for you! I can't wait to start running again- such a good feeling!