Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fighting back the tears...

...of JOY.

So, yesterday was J-Man's FIRST official SEP.

Call it what you would like:
"Student Educational Plan"
"Parent Teacher Conference"

It is what it is.

Seeing how it was J-Man's first...that automatically means, it was also MY first (as a parent).

We got to the school, sat across from his teacher, and she just goes on and on at what a great boy J is.

How sweet he is.
How kind he is.
How SMART he is.
How helpful he is.
How loving he is.
How he helps her SO much.
How she rarely gives '5''s...but how he had almost ALL 5's

I did not doubt that he would be just as good at school as he is for me.
I had to try really hard to fight back the tears of joy that I felt for my little man.

He is a rock.

Upon leaving she told Jothan:

"Come around the table and give me a hug."

Which he did. She proceeded to whisper lots of things in his ear, finishing off with what I assume was the question:

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

He promptly replied:

"A missionary."

First on his list. I don't know where he gets it.
The tears spilled over.

I love this little man.
So proud of the person he is becoming.


Cassie said...

He IS such a sweet little guy... congrats to mom on your first SEP.

mandee said...

AWESOME! No wonder why we get a long so well!

Carrie said...

Awwww! So super sweet! Not only is he going to make a superb missionary one day he'll also make the greatest husband to one very lucky girl! But that's waaaay in the future!

How are you and your sweet family? It's been a long time!

Aranne and Dan said...

Love it... so stinkin' adorable.. You and your hubby must be doing something right!

Josh and Anna said...

What a sweet story! How cute that he wants to be a missionary above all. What a sweetheart!

Amber Ro said...

what a sweetie-and a missionary too!

The Gag-nears said...

Let's see why is he so amazing? Because his mom makes all sorts of sacrifices to be home with him and teach him right. Aren't little boys the best? Love you and your family and the sacrifice you made for me to take the pics. You're the best!

moosh in indy. said...

you know it's because you're his mom, right?

marisa said...

What a stud!

UtahMan said...

Well done little man!