Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today, although crazy has been a great day.

I have been going on four hours of sleep.
(Never a good thing in my opinion.)
I will happily run on so little if it means I get to snuggle this cutie pie for hours on end.

Sick. Baby.

No. Fun.

I spent the morning at my doctor's office going over my surgery tomorrow.

Then ran home to pick up baby to take her to her doctor (note both doctors are not far from each other but hecka far from my house...).

Lots of car time.

Had to take Millz to PCMC to have some labs run, because she is so little and has a fever, and a super gaggy cough. They want to know why.

Happily as of this evening when her doctor called, there is nothing too alarming.
No H1N1...no really anything. Strange.

P.S. Dear H1N1: I hate you H1N1.
(I won't get to see my kids for almost three days because of you! You blow.)
(Hospital policy...I am sure you all have the same thing around your area too. No visitors under 14 years!)

Off to have surgery tomorrow.

I will blog from my hospital room afterward to let you all know I survived it and that no one is getting my organs donated to them...tomorrow anyway.

Inside joke.

Huggs and loves to all!

I almost forgot!

If you want to make me SUPER happy, come to a boutique this weekend.

M'ladies will be there selling our necklaces, and debuting our new adoption related baby goodies and running shirts.

Wait, was I suppose to say that?
Well, go and see for yourself. The cat's out of the bag.


The Belle Boutique
At Magnolia Grove Reception Center
1117 west South Jordan Parkway (106th south)

Friday and Saturday
10:00-4:00 p.m.

(Totally bummed I won't see you.)


Lindsay said...

I know you don't know me, but I feel like I know you. I'm sorry that Millz is sick. I will be praying that everything goes well for you tomorrow. I'm bummed I won't be able to meet you irl. I am really hoping to make it to see what fun stuff you ladies have come up with and to meet Mrs. R and Muse. Here's to a successful surgery and a speedy recovery! Lindsay

Cathy said...

I don't know you but I do know your good friend, Mrs. R. I enjoy reading your blog. As for your little one, she is simply adorable...but you already know that. I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow.

Andee said...

Good luck Kim!
I hope all goes well and I'll be praying for a quick recovery!

Becky said...

Kimmie-bear ~
Our prayers are with you. This too shall pass. I had a really ahrd time after my surgery. Know that we love you and are praying for a speedy recovery so you can snuggle with those angels soon!

Manda Jane Clawson said...

Sorry the baby is sick :( Good luck with your surgery! I hope all goes well and you recover quickly! Please don't hesitate to ask if you need anything!!

mrs. r said...

blah! no talk of organ donation. ;)

we will sell neckies in your honor.

Holly said...

I am glad sweet Millie is ok and I know you'll be ok too. Hugs!

Heather said...

I too am glad to hear that it isn't H1N1, and it totally stinks that you will be 3 days without your babies. Totally stinks.

Praying for a quick recovery!

ec said...

good luck tomorrow! thoughts and prayers go with you!

Jessica K. said...

I hope surgery went well!!! You seriously have the cutest kids!!

Dan and Wendy Babcock said...

Love you, Kim. Prayers are being sent your way. Hopefully Millz recovers quickly...and you too!

Ron and Jessica said...

Sorry your little babe is sick already :( Hope you are all on the mend!

Fostervision said...

I hope your surgery went well and you (and Millz) are on the mend quickly!

Amy and Josh said...

You are usch a brave lady Kim-I admire you. Can't imagine going through all this after a new baby:) hugs and more hugs. I been thinking about you and want to come see you Soon!!

Jenny and Brett said...

I'm glad to hear your baby is H1N1 free! My kids had it this past week and it was no good! I went to the boutique yesterday and Lindsey said your surgery went well and you went home early! Take care of yourself and don't over due it! PS I bought a running shirt and I can't wait to sport it! All of your gal's stuff is so stinkin' cute! Good thing xmas is just around the corner :)