Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Why One Should Never Blog While Under the Influence"


Uhm, so I prolly should not be allowed to post EVER.

Especially not when having taken a mezcla of painkillers, antibiotics, and anti-depressants followed by a heaping amount of sleep deprivation.

Tee hee.

It wasn't until last night during my crazy dream frenzy (that I have nightly) that I dreamed I was at my aunts house going through the family pictures.
Oh ya, a month ago almost!
I. Took. Our. Extended. Family. Pictures.
We got dressed up for it and EVERYTHING!
You would think I would remember putting makeup and clothes on. Apparently it wasn't eventful enough.

I rushed down here to my computer, and much to my relief there was a family picture,
and it is actually fairly cute.
(Thanks Jill.)

I can die a happy woman.

If you are wondering what the H I am talking about, please read the previous drug induced post...and laugh, like I just did.

Lunatic. See?


Kristina P. said...

I can't believe you took that picture yourself! It is too cute!

Candise said...

Very, very funny; I'm laughing out loud and Eliza Jane wonders what is so funny on the "puter". And what a darling photo!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

VERY cute family photo that you don't remember taking. LOL.

Amber Ro said...

cute family pic. gorgeous family.

Andrea Campbell said...

What a relief!!! :)

Jed and Kate said...

That is hilarious! I totally could have done the same thing. I have the WORST memory for things that happened like, yesterday...and I am not even on drugs!
That is a great family photo! I lied, I could not have done the same thing because I am vain enough that I would NOT have forgotten such a good-looking photo!

queenofhaddock said...

Gorgeous! I love the setting!!

Cassie said...

tee hee, you're funny.

Lace said...

hahaha! very funny! I would blame it ALL on sleep deprivation! That alone will do it to ya! I'm glad you have a current family picture! I have to say I was the same way right after Tayve was born, I set the timer and took a few of the whole family just for the same reason!

Krystal said...

so this is why I'm laughing: I got up in the middle of the night, while also under the influence (of ambien) and apparently got online and read your blog and commented on it ;) but this morning I could not remember for the life of me the fog that was my 2-am craziness! I'm so glad you have a family photo... I am sure there will be many more to come! I love your cute family!!

Amy and Josh said...

You are so funny Kim!! I have the same fear at times about not having enought pictures of our family-if any:)

I LOVE your recent Family pic.You look completely gorgeous just as always . . . love your hair!

Christal said...

Hey crazy lady! Nice to know there's another one out there haha!!You are too funny! Great picture love it! You have the cutest family ever! Hope your feeling better soon love the real life dawl pics too!

Whitney said...

What a cute family picture! You are all super gorgeous! What was the location?

Vanessa said...

Well do you remember where you got that jacket?! I want to know

Kelly said...

I really loved seeing you today. What a great group of people you all are!!


Katie said...

So dang funny! Like I said though, you are absolutely glowing in this pic and your family looks so perfect and complete. Love it!

Holly said...

You shameless crack head! :-) Nah, you don't even have to be under the influence to do this. Toby has conversations with me almost every night that I honestly have NO memory of. He'll tell me all about it the next day and I'll laugh hysterically because I'm not nice in these conversations we have. In fact, I'm usually saying things like "For the love of all that's holy can't you please stay on your own side of the bed?!!"
Don't feel bad! Happens to us all.