Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Postally Challenged

Feeling like a blogging LOSER.

Do you guys ever go through a slump?
I have been feeling like I have nothing good to share.

I am, however cooking up another "School Daze" post,
you will love it.

It is the one I like to call,
"And I WAS a 'B'!"
So stay tuned for that.
You won't want to miss it.

So, cuz I feel like a loser, shall we play some Q&A?
Ask me anything, about life, photography, life, photography, etc...

...and enjoy a study I did of Memms a few weeks back.

I was just playing around with the jpg setting on my camera, these are SOOC
(straight out of camera, 50mm 1.4 @ 1.4 and they are orange...oh well.)

...just wanted to leave you with some goodness.







Fostervision said...

I just wanted to say I covet your talent. Seriously! I need to have you take more pics of my girls, I don't have enough of your art on my walls!!!!
Oh and my question? ummm...any good cravings? (lame, I know, but it's late!)

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

ooh, I would just love to see more of your delish eye candy! You have beautiful children, and have mad skillz in taking their pictures. =)

Andee said...

I totally know what you mean. But KIM! you have this amazing talent of photographoy to back you up when you have nothing else to say...I envy that. have beautiful kids. I LOVEEE looking at the all beautiful pictures you post of them. KEEP EM COMIN :)

Cory and Becca said...


life: How's that baby bump coming along? I saw this the other day and thought about you:

photography: what camera do you use and why? what inspired your start in photography?

Kristina P. said...

Why can't our feet stay cute like that?!?

Katie said...

I can feel you on the slump thing, I'm trying to claw my way out of one as we type!

Oh and can I make a request for a School Daze post about wiping? That would be a hit for sure!

Tim and Ashlee said...

My blog has totally been sucking lately cuz I just can't keep up with everything. I need to get back up to date.