Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Feeling Accomplished

I am pretty certain I have some of the best kids on the planet.

(We will not discuss the fact that I have had to take them grocery shopping with me the past two weeks and I reconsider this statement each time I get home...and today is grocery day, wish me luck.)

...but for posterity sake, I really do think they are the best.


Found them like this...they were originally sitting on the same chair, as I quietly got my camera, somehow they had shifted and J-dawg was standing.


But here they were, together, quietly coloring...oh how I love them.

Love finding them in the moments of being best friends.


Then they saw me and the performances began.
"Take a picture of this."

They love depth of field I guess. ;)


Cheeser. Oi.

So anyway,
back to feeling accomplished.

We are preparing for our annual yard sale coming up in a few weeks, and thus I needed to clear out every closet, every room.

"Spring Cleaning" at it's best.

I finally got it done on Friday afternoon although things are looking like I need to re-do them starting today.

A mother's work is never done right?

So you know we were going to go on vacay for Memorial Day.
We ended up staying home all weekend long, which was BLISS.

Hubbs has been working EXTREMELY hard the past few weeks.
I know his list of "to do's" is getting terribly long, so I wanted to focus on him and what he would like to do.

Intermingled, of course with a little of what I would like to do.
(Like go to breakfast and Village Inn...using a coupon...couponing post to come later, or how about last night eating at Cafe Rio? YUMMY...or the trip to Kid to Kid where I found some amazing things. Let's not discuss the number of Root Beer Floats I consumed Let the record show I really don't like ice cream.)

Ya, ya...back to what Hubbs needed to get done.

After Hubbs spent a few hours in the morning organizing the mess that is "the RV Pad in progress.

He and I spent a couple of hours, and I mean that literally, pulling weeds in our front yard.
Our grass is still so baby-ish.
We planted it last fall and it is still struggling to look like a lawn.
We don't have green thumbs.

Anyway, it was the best time we have had in a long time.

We rented a movie for the kids and just had at the weeds.
We laughed so hard and got so scared when the spiders ran up our legs.
(Have you ever seen a 7 month pregnant woman get up so fast from a sitting position? Hubbs has.)

We checked out yard sale after yard sale on Saturday.
One of our favorite things to do, which we haven't done in YEARS. It was a blast.

Yesterday? We woke up early and went to our Stake Memorial Day Breakfast.
Delish! Then we spent the day cleaning out the garage.
Oh gag, how I wonder how it got so bad.
I have vowed to never be "that person" who can't park in her garage because it has become a storage unit...which it had, but it is organized 95% now...and we can park in there again.

Best thing? I helped Hubbs cross some things off of his list.
That makes me happier than anything else.
Love you Hubbs!


What was the best thing about your Memorial Day Weekend?


Holly said...

Wait! You like to yard sale? We so need to do that one Saturday morning. We also did the weeding thing...for equally long. But I am so happy every time I look at my neat tidy yard now...but my hamstrings...oy. Don't get me started!

Wendy said...

Your day sounds ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I love days like that, just spending time with my family! You are right you have such amazing children! Makes me hope we have another so Roman can have a best friend too!

Kristina P. said...

What a fun weekend. I finished watching Season 2 of 30 Rock!

Becky Rose said...

7 months along! WOW. It's coming up fast. How exciting!

Andrea said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend!! Your kids are ADORABLE!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

That sounds like a perfect day!

The pictures are beautiful.

Barrett said...

Wow, my kids only color quietly on themselves! lol! That's awesome you could help out your hubby! I wish I could figure out something to help mine... It's so nice to stay home sometimes and not be running all over the place! Relaxing!

Lori said...

I love your photos!!

Olivia Singleton said...

Dude... when did Memms become a little girl instead of a toddler? She's gotten so grown up!

If you're interested, I have a photo shoot idea for a little something for my bedroom (Sorry, no porn this time. I've let myself go a little too much for that). After you have little Millz and life has settled down a bit, I'd love to talk to you about it!

Kim . . . wyomingmade said...

what more can I say - you have the cutest best kids ever. I am glad you capture those moments for them. What a perfect weekend you had!! We caught up on the to do list and got things cleaned out, and reorganized. It is a good feeling!!