Friday, May 29, 2009

The One I Like to Call: The $30 -Coke- Slurpee

To begin, let me share this piece of Slurpee Bliss with you.

The Slurpee Facts.

You will see the last fact is that the average Slurpee drinker is age 29.
That fits in perfectly with the story I am about to tell you,
as I teeter on the edge and will be 28 soon.

See, back in November of 2008, after reading some articles on the effects of caffeine, I gave it up COMPLETELY.
Cold. Turkey.
I had a few days of headaches, but that was it.

Then...well then I discovered I was expecting a baby, and the ONLY thing that I wanted was a
Coke Slurpee
So, after much debate and much excuse making, I decided an occasional 20 oz. Coke Slurpee would be okay.
It is mostly water and air anyway right?

Well, for the last six months or so, I have been getting 1-3 Coke Slurpees a week, that is until mid April, when, in my opinion all hell broke loose on the Slurpee front.

Apparently our credit card through our bank was compromised sometime in early spring, along with a bunch of other members' cards, so they turned off our card...and they were SUPPOSE to send us new cards...(which they still haven't...) began the money transfer from our joint checking into MY photography checking.
That way, we would still have a Visa card to use at the store, the gas pump, and well, you know 7-11
for my Slurpee runs.

The cost of a 20 oz. Coke Slurpee in Utah right now is $1.38.
SUPER cheap right?
And let's not forget SUPER DELICIOSO!
Well, one would think, until I get a text from Hubbs one dreary afternoon stating:

Wha?! WHAT!? Furious I text him back..."HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!"
Apparently he transferred all of the money out of my account without telling me...and guess what wasn't covered?
My Coke Slurpee.

Commence tears.

Did I really just spend $26.38 on a 20 oz. Coke Slurpee?

Needless to say, Hubbs claims it was a ploy to get me to stop drinking them.
And I haven't since.
I am too mad at him, and too mad at the fact I could have had a new shirt instead of a freaking Slurpee.
He is forbidden from taking money from my checking account ever again.

Oh man, how I wish I had a Slurpee right now...TEARS.

Although, I must admit this flavor has caught my eye...although I have never seen one here.

What flavor would you spend $30 on?


Jessica K. said...

This post made me laugh!

I live in Germany and here no one would pay 1,38 with a visa card! That is something typical american!! (my mom is american)(most places you cant use a card unless you are spending more then 10€)

If you are really wanting one then collect coins in the car and then you can always use those on your slurpees and dont have to worry about the card!!

I would totally get a rootbeer slurpee if there is such thing! We dont have rootbeer here :( and we dont have dr pepper, so I might want one of those, even for 26,38!!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

me said...

P.S. We have Dr.Pepper slurpees up here too!!!

me said...

Oh gosh this made me die laughing!!! When i was pregnant with Stratton, i had a Coke slurpee EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! I'm not kidding. Even when it was -30*Celcius I was on the couch drinking one. I so would've spent the money on one when i was prego!
Oh, and if you really want a slurpee, you need to come to Canada. Our slurpees are SO much better. :) When i got one in Cali on my mission, i couldn't believe how different they were. They taste so frothy down there. If that makes sense...holy crap i'm writing a novel....

Kristina P. said...

You are just adorable. And I have fallen off the Diet Coke wagon. Hard.

Amy said...

I love slurpees! I have been known to visit all nearby 7-11's on July 11, for free slurpees! They're small, just big enough to make it to the next 7-11! LOL.

I love me some red slurpee, but if I ever see the DP, you know I'll get it. I can't cheat on my Dr, thats for sure.

♥Aubrey said...

Slurpees yum! Right now my favorite has got to be...The orange dreamsicle one @ Burger King. Tastes just like the orange popsicle with vanilla ice cream in the middle. I gulp that down like air! ~Great post~

Cassie said...

Ouch! You know it would be pepsi for me...

moosh in indy. said...

I would easily spend $30 on cherry slurpee on a bad day.
I wouldn't even bat an eye at it either.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I don't think that I would ever spend $30 on any flavor, but if I EVER got a wild hair and did would be COKE all the way!

Vanessa said...

I like to mix the red and blue flavor together...oh how i love slurpees

Jon said...

I compare how much money I lost to how much equals how much clothes I could buy. I thought I was the only one. We bounced some checks a few weeks ago, but it was both of our faults.


Erin said...

I had a rootbeer one once. It was awesome. I want to try the Vanilla Cream. I never heard of it.

Hope you're feeling well, and that you get all the slurpees you want!

Tim and Ashlee said...

Oh no! But I'm sure it tasted GREAT!

Heather said...

I have to really be in the mood for a slurpee, but when I am, $30 isn't really too much to spend.

Amber! said...

It's always okay to spend 30 buckaroos on your craving when you are prego! It is in the official "you get what you want when you are pregnant" handbook. BTW: It's gotta be coke.

Amanda said...

I would be so mad....funny story though. I think I would spend $30 on a caff. free dr pepper...cuz my husband won't let me have the other :(

The Gag-nears said...

Love this story. Dont know how good something is until you have to go without. I would spend $26.38 on a Cherry slurpee. Yes I do love them that much. Never tried the Coke one, but I will get you one and bring it to you now that it is summer. Be waiting... I need your address first...

Midwest Mommy said...

I think I would cry and then laugh. But to make you feel better have you seen this post you are featured on?

brandon and jakell said...

Maverick has $.99 slurpees going on right now, any size! my kids were just begging for one for breakfast! They are mad they have to wait for lunch LOL Hope you really enjoyed every slip of that slurpee! Have a great day!!! Congrats on the gift card :)

Holly said...

Too funny. We've had similar "why did you move all the money without telling me" situations lately too. I think it was an iTunes purchase ($0.99) that ended up costing me an extra $35 in fees. Grrrrrr! I'm with the above posters - don't use your debit card. Each month just get $20 in cash (maybe you'd need $40 at the rate of three a week) and put it in a pocket of your wallet that is the official Slurpee fund. Then you'll know how many you've had AND they won't come back to bite you. Since iTunes won't take cash, what we NORMALLY do is take our change jar to a Coinstar machine and redeem it for iTunes gift cards. Husbands!

Cal said...

When you are pregnant, I say spend whatever is needed on a coke.

AJ said...

Just came across your blog from Sell Party of 3 (you won the Visa gift card by the way! yay!)

I also love slurpees- but I'm only 21. And I'm also pregnant! (YAY!) When are you due?

Josh and Anna said...

"all hell broke loose on the Slurpee front" I love it! you are so funny Kim!