Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hawaii, Kahuku Grill and the PCC.

March 2008
WOW, here I am...almost four months pregnant and my hair...holy shortness. Holls and I ate at this grill a few times. It was right near our hotel. The food was pretty yummy...everything except:
Mine and Holly's disdain for the Kraft cheese slices on the burgers. They burgers were interesting. Kind of like meat loaf burgers. Not sure...but food was food at that point.
Holly donning a beautiful hat. I believe this was from the "Tongan Islands". It has been five months though, I might be wrong.
This beautiful lady taught us how to weave.
You can't really tell what it is, but it was a fish and pole.
The shows at the Luau were awesome.

And the pig? Really neat to learn about.
Photobucket looked too much like a pig for my taste to want to eat it.


Beautiful costumes...and dancing.
And at the show later that night, the fire dancers. This was really amazing. I remember being SUPER cold the entire time, wishing I had brought a sweater.


marci helen said...

i love your hair!! i don't remember it being that short!!
and the pig...oh. my. heaven. i love roasted pig (true i have never seen it intact before i ate it though...might turn me off too)

~kamie~ said...

Amazing pictures Kim! Makes me want to go!

Olivia Singleton said...

Believe it or not, that pig was actually amazing! I would fly back to Hawaii just to eat some more of that pig. Yumm...

Barrett said...

Okay, you made me say oh my heck!! I forgot about the post where you were going to tell us about your trips and I just saw that you were four months pregnant! I wish it were still true! Since I am dense, will you put dates on your trips? They don't even have to be exact-just maybe May 2008 or something. Sorry! I love Hawaii-glad you could go and have fun! Exited to hear more!

Rebecca Tyler said...

Great photos! Love the luau shots. It reminds me of when I took hula (all through my childhood until I was a Junior in High School). I'm Hawaiian (my mom's side) and I haven't been back to Hawaii for quite some time...I always love seeing photos! Looks like you had a wonderful trip! :o)

mommyoffour said...

Seriously. you are just too cute.

Beautiful, colorful photos. Someday I hope to go there... someday.

Holly said...

Ok so ....we never really swapped copies of our photos - and then I stumble on and see all my freaky hairedness....that was an awkward phase, I must say. Even still...we need to trade pics!

Amy and Josh said...

Love these pictures-there is so much being said in them. I love your short hair!