Thursday, September 11, 2008

Audrey Woulard Workshop

June 2008

It was neat to be able to meet one of photography's elite. Audrey was very down to earth, very open and very honest in her workshop. She is an incredibly talented woman. It was neat to hear about how she got into photography...and really great to see her in action.
She has a way of making anyone feel at ease.
It was totally awesome to see the famous 'loft' and to be where much of her stunning work is created.
This baby was delicious. I think she was five weeks old?! Seriously. Cute.
This image may not seem like much, we learned how to photograph a subject in full sun. Something not easily done.
This kid was stunning. Some back alley work.
And this one...nice.
And one of my BFF's.
Chicago was totally rawkin'. Stay tuned for the next while and I will show you just how rawkin' I thought it was. This seems like SO long ago...and yet it wasn't. Wow...I need to get back on track.
The best things about the workshop were learning some of Audrey's business savvy, and learning to trust myself shooting many people at a very wide open aperture. It can be done. Hello low light, you are no longer my demon friend...I welcome you.


Leisha said...

Wow. What a fun time we had. It does seem like this was forever ago. And we both suck at editing our own pictures. But I loved it. I think I'm ready for another trip. Where shall we go? :-)

Dan and Wendy Babcock said...

Kim, I love your work, I love you! What a treat to come to your blog and to see you "in action." What a talented soul you are, my dear.

Holly said...

This looks like a lot of fun. I wish I'd been able to go see her this year.

Amy said...

How awesome! I totally wish I had a fraction of your skillz. Beautiful pics.

ec said...

beautiful kim! you need to let me in on some full sun tips ... please?

hope all is well ...

Arianne said...

great pics kim! I actually love that picture of Leisha!

Carlotta said...

That little girl, WOW! Beautiful and to meet THE Audrey! Good to see your photography up and go down memory lane with you! I think I need to pay you for a copy of those flowers, so soothing! Grateful for the talents of photography and that I have the gift to appreciate it and to be soothed by it! Thank you for sharing happy moments!

Amy and Josh said...

So when are you teaching your own sweet workshop Kim?? You could make some extra money:)
You have a talent.

moosh in indy. said...

I want her camera strap.
And both of your skills.

mrs. r said...

in my dreams i will have a partially latin child that looks like the second to last photo.

he is delish.

and i totally have a crush on leish.

also yummy.

well sone, sensei.

mrs. r said...

*well done, i mean.

Rebecca Tyler said...

Awesome!! :o)Love all of these images here. Nice work as always.

Lace said...

Oh, I bet this was amazing!!! How cool! You have so much knowledge in your field and now you have even more, that is just awesome! I always love your photos!!!

The Queen said...

so i'm totally reading your blog backwards but I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GO TO GO TO AUDREY'S WORKSHOP AAAAND BRAINNA'S!!!!!!!!!!!

SO jealous.