Friday, January 4, 2008


I knew I liked Ron and Jessica.
My heart is full. So many thoughts that run through my heart and mind for so many of my dear friends. I love you guys.


Trinbean said...

Wow...that is really touching song. As much as I complained about how miserable I was when I was pregnant...that makes me feel so greatful for the two children I have. Thanks for sharing!!!

Lace said...

Wow! Amazing! I love people who can be open about their situations helping other people become aware of infertility. Knowledge is power. I have always considered myself so blessed to have been able to experience and learn what I did and then to be able to have my beautiful little girl and another one soon. My heart is so full for those who have not been able to experience that joy yet... I've been known to cry for complete strangers who find out they are pregnant or adopting, cause I'm so happy for them. I myself would die for that as well! Ohhh, Ron and Jessica, I know I don't know you but I really wish you guys that joy!

Leisha said...

Such a great video and song. I don't know Ron and Jessica either but love that he blogs.