Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hoping to Adopt Part 1

Meet Andrew and Sarah.

In my first installment of Hoping to Adopt, I would like to introduce you to Andrew and Sarah. I met them through the lovely Mrs. R. While I hardly know them, I feel impressed to share a little of what I do know about them. They are desperately wanting a child, and they have one of THE best "how did you meet" stories EVER. I had the opportunity to meet them In. Real. Life. a few weeks ago when Mrs. R and Mr. R. were sealed to Mr. T. I can only say the best about Andrew and Sarah. There is a spirit that radiates from them. There is a sweet sense of love that shines through them. After meeting them only once and speaking with them for only a short time, my heart aches for them to become parents.

I just ask that if ANY of you out there may know of a birth mother who would be a good match for them, please don't be afraid to SHARE what you feel in your heart.


Arianne said...

I just read their HOW THEY MET story and I LOVED IT! How cute is that???

I wish this couple the best of luck on their adoption journey!

Leisha said...

I felt that exact same way after meeting them too. I love the adoption advocate that you are and hope that all of those waiting to adopt don't have to wait and search forever.

mrs. r said...

some of my favorite people! do they know you are doing this? i will notify her!