Wednesday, January 9, 2008


When I think of the starting of a new year I always think of my birthday. I feel I was a lucky one. (I didn't always feel this way.) Lucky that each new year I get to start fresh with a new year of my life as well. (It sucks having your birthday two weeks and one day after Christmas, and my birthdays haven't always been what I would call memorable...especially a few that stand out in my mind I would like to forget...) As I grow older I appreciate this chance I am given to start some things over in myself, on my special day, and work toward that person who I want to be. One of the things I hope to do this year is learn to "let go". A few of my blog friends have chosen words this year. As I think over what my words might be..."let go" keeps coming to my mind. I need to let go of so many things I have been holding onto, and just BE.
I need to LET GO of MY:
incessant NEED to be PERFECT
less than ideal body image
low self-esteem
bad eating/spending habits
need for approval
need of things
That list could go on and on and on, and it does, but some things remain in my heart and unsaid. But there is a change about me. I see it in the last two months of my life. My heart is growing, I feel the hand of the Lord leading me, and helping me onto this new path. It isn't always easy to love ME. I find it most difficult to forgive myself. I am looking forward to letting go of so many things in my life, and holding tight to so many missed opportunities because of these other things which have been clouding my eyes.

Looking forward to the wisdom that comes with each passing year. Hoping to find some extra this time around.


Cassie said...

Happy Birthday Miss Kim! I hope you achieve all you desire in the year to come. LOVE YOU!

Saying "I love these photos" doesn't quite explain my feelings of them. They are exquisite.

Amy and Josh said...

Happy birthday Kimmie, hope this day is the best ever.
I too need to "let go" of things in my life, thanks for sharing.
I just love you for who you are.

Mckay Fair said...

Kim, I am... floored haha. That is the best compliment I could ever get, thank you so much. I'm sitting here staring at my keyboard and I have no idea how to tell you how amazing that comment was to me, except that I'm honored that you, an outstanding photographer, like my photos. I appreciate your comment very much, it means a lot. I hope your new year has started well, and continues to do so until the next new year, and thank you again-

Tony said...

Happy Birthday kim!

Brenley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It's a great day for it, it's my husbands bday too!

Although I have never met you, I know that you are an amazing women and you deserve everything wonderful!

Lace said...

Happy Birthday Kim! How are you supposed to know that I remembered on my own when I come here and there's a birthday post already? Well just know I did :) I hope you have a great happy day! Go do something fun!

Arianne said...

Happy birthday miss Kimmie! Go on a HOT date with that Flavio!! :)

Christal said...

Happy birthday Kim !! I love your blog so much you always inspire us all and always give us something to think about. I hope you have an awesome birthday and an awesome year with great things your always advertising and helping others in there quest to adopt but I pray that your dream comes true too!! Guess what we are almost on the waiting list again too in the middle of mounds of questions you know what I mean!! Well Have a great day ! Tomorrow I'll be 32 hard to believe time just sneaks up on us eh!! Thanks for your inspiration and tips on photography I have tons to learn but your helping me tons already!! TTYL

Christal said...

ps thanks for your great comments on my blog it means alot to me!! You are awesome!!

Tim and Ashlee said...

Wohoo! Happy Birthday! Hope you have a gooder.

Trinbean said...

Happy Birthday Kim....I hope you have a wonderful day...see you Saturday.

Ponczoch Family said...

Happy Birthday! And best of luck with your Letting Go.

ec said...

happy birthday pretty lady.

mommyoffour said...

Happy happy birthday Kimmie dear!! You are amazing, and always inspiring. You always put good thoughts into my head and something to think about. Thank. You! and happy birthday!!

BTW, these pics are amazing!

Leisha said...

Happy Birthday lady! I have so many birthday wishes for you this year but really just hope that this year finds you the most happiness and contentment ever. You are an amazing person, an amazing friend and I am blessed to have you in my life.

As for a word of the year, I too have been thinking and contemplating a word every since I read it on AFM. Hmmm. You'll just have to wait and see what I come up with.

I love how open and honest you are on your blog. For me, just starting blogging, I type something up and then feel too vulnerable and just let it sit as a draft. Maybe one of these days I'll get over it and you can actually see new posts on my blog ;-)

me said...

Happy Birthday Kim!!! I wish you nothing but the very very best!!!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday kim! Love ya!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Kim! I really do hope that it is the best! I was touched by your thought on the Lord guiding you and helping you to a new path in life. I too have been feeling that in my own life. Maybe it is our cue to learn to love ourselvs more. You are a daughter of God, and he wants you to feel like royalty. It something that is easily forgotten.

I wish that this year you will remember that every day!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Kim! I'm so glad we know each other!

Carrie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sorry this is coming so late! I hope you had a wonderful day and were able to spend some good quality YOU time!

I was thinking the other day that we should SO work out together, but then I realized that you live SO far away! :( Seriously, I've committed to losing 20 POUNDS before my birthday. That's 6 weeks away! EEK!

Really though, we should get together and enjoy some "mock"tails! ;) Miss you! And Casey, if you're reading this, Miss you too Poo butt! Thanks for visiting me when you were in town! Ppfftt! Kim- hope life is going well! You and Casey are in my prayers! I think you and Casey will be blessed with a baby at the SAME time! I just know it'll happen for you two! And I better get to hold the little buggers when they come! Anyways, love you! HUGS birthday girl!

P.S. I think your little cutie would look adorable with a cut! I'm suprisingly loving L's!

Carrie said...

Ok, sometimes I stick my foot in my mouth! So if I said anything stupid, I'm sorry! I'm totally brainless these days!

Carlotta said...

Thank goodness for each new day and the opportunity to try and practice what we learned the day before. If you figure out the secret to letting go then let me know!!!! You should sell it. I will be first in line, fo sure. Luv you tons!

Amanda said...

You are one popluar woman! Anyways, happy birthday to you!

moosh in indy. said...

Are you coming to Chicago still? I'm going through withdrawls.
Happy Birthday you hot piece of tail.