Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hoping to Adopt (Again) Part 3

Meet Tim, Cassie & Alyssa

If I could use one word to describe Tim and Cassie...H I L A R I O U S !

I met them about, oh what? THREE years ago? Seriously? It seems like I have known them forever. We met this fabulous couple during our adoption education classes when we were first beginning our adoption journey. I think we sat by them, like the entire time? Even then I had this overwhelming LIKE of this couple. A couple of months later I was asked to serve on our local Families Supporting Adoption board, and luckily so were Tim and Cassie. I was so excited to finally get to know them better and to work with them. I fell IN LOVE with them.

I remember when they were announced to (told that Alyssa would be joining their family). We were all gathered for a new education class, and their worker pulled them aside. I was like...."Here they go!" I remember sitting breathlessly waiting until they came out of that office. When I saw their faces and the tears, I lost it. And I lost it the other day when Cassie retold it.

My heart has ached this past year for this couple. Who is so deserving, and so wonderful, and yet given so much trial...I want them to have another child so badly!

Tim and Cassie are specifically looking for a child through a Designated Adoption. Meaning they need to find their. own. birth. mother. This is not an easy task. More than likely their adoption will be private. So, their situation is a bit different, so if any of you out there may know of a birth mom who fits this category, let's hook them up!

Good luck on your journey to #2 Tim and Cass!


Cassie said...

Thank you Kim. I love you!

Arianne said...

Yes these two sweet people DO deserve another child. Cassie is an amazing woman and an AWESOME mommy to Lyssa. And YES so is TIMMY! We too love this sweet couple and hope and pray they will have a chance to bring another child home through adoption!!!!