Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gordon B. Hinckley 1910-2008

Words cannot adequately express the love in my heart for this man, or the joy I am sure he is experiencing reuniting with his sweet wife. He was my prophet, all through my growing up years. I looked to his counsel on many occasions. It was six months before I married my eternal companion that I attended his birthday celebration, and helped nurture a relationship with one of my best friends Wendy, who later joined the church. It was that particular evening that my love for him was strengthened. Even in something seemingly simple as a birthday party, he had this miraculous way of being a missionary.
What a spectacular person he was. How close to our Heavenly Father. What an example of what we all need to be.
We'll miss you President Hinckley!


Carrie said...

I will miss him so much! He truly helped me gain my testimony! What a wonderful man! I am so sad that my children will never know him! I am sure the reunion with his wife is one that can not be expressed and one that I hope I can have with my husband one day!

I don't even have the words to explain how I feel!

Love you Kim!

Leisha said...

I too thought of him reuniting with his wife and how wonderful that is for both of them. But he will be missed. I loved his sense of humor and the welcoming, friendly demeanor that he had regardless of where he was. Such an amazing man.

Carlotta said...

Time feels like it has stopped. It was like he was invisible. Truly a Man of God. Words cannot adequately describe him. I can only think of the relief that his heart feels being with his wife again. Oh what a sweet reunion!

Amy said...

I like the comment that someone left on my BBC board:

"I just want to add that besides his wife whom he loved dearly, he will be wrapped in the arms of his mother, father, grandparents, siblings, and Jesus Christ Himself! This is a great day for that man. I wonder how he saw things as he went. Did the ceiling open above him and angels line a stairway or did he see crowds of people waiting to meet him? Think of all those who have passed who loved the prophet, standing in line waiting to shake his hand! Think of President Faust showing him around! And Elder David B. Haight, and Elder Maxwell and past prophets and Nephi and Adam and Noah, and wow! We are missing a great reunion going on right now! Oh, and Joseph Smith whom the prophet loved also being there to greet him. It almost makes me sad to be alive. What a great day for President Hinckley!"

He will be missed.

Arianne said...

I was talking with a friend of mine last night as well and she also mentioned what a great reunion he had with his wife! They are finally together again! I will miss this man so much. He has touched so many lives and what wonderful work he did as serving as our Prophet. I will always love this man, he will be greatly missed!!

Ponczoch Family said...

How lucky we are to have been alive while he was and to receive his counsel in real time! Thanks for sharing your experience at his birthday party.

Barrett said...

Ditto to all the comments! I loved his cheerful and optimistic attitude! What a great man! We will miss him! April

ec said...

this is such a great tribute to a great, great man.

thank you kim!