Wednesday, August 1, 2007


So, you wanna know what's been going on?

Me? Doing good...hanging in there!

Well, just a little STRESSED.

School. Finals. HUGE projects (one right after another after another).

Dealing with a pig for a teacher (yes I liked him the first two weeks, now I am not so sure). I am getting an 'A' though as long as I, "...don't bomb anything we have left due!" Nice. Why do I even care? I have decided there is nothing prestigious about saying, "I graduated from the community college with a certificate in photography." Barf.

Need more money to pay for beautiful, lovely, fun, new house and all that comes with it. Oh and to top it off? We were told the wrong date for our first payment and we were "delinquent" or almost. They called us, figured it was weird we didn't even make the first payment. Luckily nothing went on the credit report, for that I am grateful.

Waiting...for a!

Baby hunger sucks. Watching lovely happy little Memm? Wonderful! Or how about Jay? He is getting ready to go to PRESCHOOL! We bought him a new Spider Man backpack, he is in love...and can't wait. Every morning he tells me, "Mom, I am going to preschool today, OKAY?!" Love, love, love him! Oh my goodness. And Miss Memm is talking up a storm. English, Portuguese, a mixture of big so fast. She just makes me laugh and laugh. I am so thankful for these two, they make life worthwhile.

Went to Moab this weekend. It was part of my final project. I will have to post the photos. It was A LOT more powerful than I had anticipated. We had to write up a plan, and how we were going to execute and frightfully enough it came together and expressed everything I was feeling.

What else? Oh, I got a new calling...drumroll please: Activities Committee. Too funny huh? I am SO excited to be working with this other lady, I just felt like I clicked with her the first week in the new ward. She is very outgoing and I think I am meant to be in this calling, it is going to be really good for me! Christmas Party here I come!

Have I mentioned my ward? NO!? I know, I was in my frump...but I LOVE IT! I cannot say enough good about it...I do have a funny bad story that a few of you know...once I have some things done in the yard I will have to share! It is a hoot. Anyway, really good things happening here. Just thankful school is out for a month starting this THURSDAY...can't wait!

Lastly, never something I thought I would do, or would ever want to do, but I am opening up Simply You Photography to weddings. I had an overwhelming month of bookings, all referrals, all weddings. Well, engagements, bridals, name it. This is good news, although my first and foremost love are babies and children, so please, don't forget that! ;) Also, two weeks ago I got my first booking to photograph a birth story. Actually, she asked me a year ago, and she finally got pregnant! Congratulations stay tuned for March when I will have my first birth to photograph. Can't wait!

Well, there is a little update. I have missed the blog world. It has been a week since I have been able to read and catch up on everything in your worlds, can't wait. Come back soon and I will have more photos of me and my family, they are just all on the other computer until we get Internet access.


Amanda said...

Sounds like your life is good good, crazy busy, but good. Congrats on all the referals and wessing bookings. We need to schedule a photo session for October!!

Lace said...

How funny, being that our girls are exactly the same age, I just posted on my blog about how much Ayla is jabbering and then I came here and see that Emz is exactly the same! Too cute! These girls need to get together and gossip!

Arianne said...

i know baby hunger does hurt! if we would only finish getting our paper work IN IN IN we would FINALLY be approved!! I am ready for a baby too.
Congrats on your new calling,you will do great in that calling! yeah! I am also glad to hear you love your new ward. I think that helps when you move to a new place
I can't wait to see more pictures of the weddings, your family life etc. I miss you!!

Leisha said...

You forgot the part about being crazy, busy, crazy, busy and more busy. lol I'm glad I didn't have to come move in although Moosh already had dibs on the place I have come to find out. Saaweet! It's a sleepover. We may have well after the other night. What a great time! You are the best.

Carrie said...

I love it when kids finally reach that age where they just can't stop talking! I can only imagine how cute it would be in both languages! And Jothy is going to preschool? Wow! They grow up too fast! I'm going to bawl when L goes! I decided to hold off until she's 4. Let us know how that goes!

Activities Committee is so fun and you would be perfect in it! Good Luck! It's always nice when you end up moving into a new ward that you LOVE!

You are one busy lady! I hope you'll have a space available for me and the babe once we get some money! I'm getting so antsy! I'm really excited to see the birth story! What an awesome idea!

Take care sweetie!

blair said...

ooh noz, who was your professor? cause i want to make sure i don't take any classes from him.. not that i plan on ever taking photography classes at SLCC again, that whole department is pretty crappy. not really, thats a huge exaggeration, it's just not worth it.