Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thankful for my freedom.

I wish I had a photograph to post with this. I don't, but hopefully my message can get across.

Today as I was so blessed to be able to drive to the store and pick up a pizza, I noticed on my drive home, our flag--The American Flag waving on a flagpole. It was then that I remember a trip I took to Brasil a few years ago. I remember visiting, and how odd it felt that everywhere I looked I saw the Brasilian flag waving in the wind, instead of my beloved Stars and Stripes.

I felt a lot of pride today, and thankfulness that I live in a country, and more importantly a portion of our country where I can afford food for my children. I have the luxury of driving to the corner and picking up a pizza.

I dunno, just stuff I take for granted a lot, but seeing that flag today, reminded me of how blessed we all are!


blair said...

so very true miss kim!

mommyoffour said...

I agree, I think we do take things like that for granted way too often. Thanks for the reminder!

Amy said...

thanks for the reminder! I love our country too!

Tim and Ashlee said...

So I was just over at your Simply You Photography Blog and I saw the photos that Leisha took of you. You are SMOKIN' HOT! I heart your hair. I want your hair. My straight, flat, unable to do any thing with, hair sucks. You hair if awesome all.the.time.

Barrett said...

I LOVE THE FLAG TOO! I am always stopping to gaze at it lovingly and I love to take pictures of it (though I only have one really good picture of it!) We are so blessed!