Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Growing up!

"Mister, SMILE!" "I can't Mom, the sun is TOO bright, mine eyes are hurting!"
Proof.Leaving now...The color is a little off on these, it may be blogger, have no idea, strange. Anyway...
Mister started preschool today. I wanted to be a good mom and document the day, this is literally as far as I got. This kid is my heart, so honest, so real, I hope he always stays that way. "Mom, can you stop taking pictures now? I want to go to school!" And he turned around and did.
I picked him up and asked him how his day went, he told me all about how they had "punch". Hmm? I asked, "Punch?" "Yeah Mom, PUNCH!" I wasn't getting it..."Like someone punched you?" He sighs, "Lemonade Mom, we had lemonade."
Too wise beyond years. The highlight of the day was when he got to use scissors. "Real scissors, tiny scissors." His world will never be the same.
My world? I didn't get emotional until the scissors part. He can't use scissors here, probably because we only have big scissors, but I realized he is getting older. No longer a baby, no longer needing me so much, that means "I" am getting older and more mature, and with that it means I can't need him as much. It is such a treasure to watch him grow, learn, and amaze me. I want so much for him. The other day he was drawing for quite some time, I asked him, "Do you want to be an artist when you grow up?" He answered immediately, "No Mom, I want to be a rocket!" Okay, maybe not too grown up yet.


Arianne said...

I still remember when I first met Jothan he was only 18 months! It is crazy he is already going to preschool. He looks SO grown up in these pictures. Oh I just love that little boy!!

Amy and Josh said...

What a handsome little man! Jothan is growing up so fast. I bet he loves preschool.

Tim and Ashlee said...

Ah he's off to school eh? Time flies by.

Love the photots of Emmy too! She's adorable.

Leisha said...

Oh man. So great. I can just see him saying those things. These little peeps grow up way too fast. Love the moment you have documented.

veekids said...

I am soo scared for the next couple of years to pass by, and see Jack going to school. I teared up too when you said that he was using real scissors. maybe it is that i am just really emotional lately with Luke 9 months old and growing up soo fast just to catch up with Jack.

Have to come and see your new place and drop off the pump that you have been letting me borrow.

Ashlee Vee

ec said...

school? how are you coping?...the though of it terrifies me.

great pics...as usual.

i love jothan's rocket comment. so funny.