Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tagged, I'm it!

Thanks to Rebecca, I got tagged, 8 weird or interesting things about me...I like to think I am not that interesting, but here goes nothing:

1. I have mentioned this before on my personal blog, but I am hard of hearing. To the point I need a hearing aide. I keep putting that off much like the need for new glasses two years ago. Things I hope to do this fall. I have managed my way around this by a combination of reading lips and listening, but if you are behind me trying to talk to me, you can almost forget it! I am really self conscience of this because when I meet new people I am often staring at their mouth, not their eyes. Hopefully I don't creep people out. Now you know, so you've been warned. Someday, I shall read your lips without having to hear bits and pieces, then you're in trouble!

2. I come from a family of 10 siblings. As follows: My older brother who is married to Anna who was born in Russia. Me, who is married to a boy from Brasil who also happens to be half Italian, go figure. Jason, a step brother who is half Filipino who died when he was a baby (our birthdays are seven months apart, we would have been tight I just know it!), Brandon, another step brother who is half Filipino, not married yet, but he may be the first to marry someone born in the same country as him...he counts for the different background part, everyone else needs to marry someone from another country, I am rooting for Italy, want to go SO bad. Anyway, then there is Dustin, another step-brother, half Filipino--he is serving a mission right now in Panama. Reese, another step-brother, serving a mission to Canada eh? Dallin another step brother, he is almost 19, not sure what he is up to nowadays, kind of miss him though...Dallin if you are out there, HOLLA! Jordan, a half brother, he is 15 and starting High School. I have tears, and cannot believe it, he plays the guitar and is growing his hair out like I told him to. I think my step-mom is letting him because I think it is cool, No? Amy, a half sister is just younger than Jordan, love her to pieces...and finally Sarah, a half sister and the baby, need I say more? SO lucky to have two moms, and two dads on top of it all. Craziness, but love it nonetheless.

3. I am in school right now studying what else? Photography. I picked up a camera for the first time, a year ago on August 29, I am celebrating by photographing a wedding, is there a better way? I think not! Before this time, I shot on Program mode (a swear word) with my grandfather's old 35mm Minolta for about 3 years. I didn't get into it much because we were so tight on money...Hubby suggested I wait until we could afford a digital. I regret waiting with all my heart...but so thankful to be shooting now, Happy Anniversary to me. Can't wait to see what the next five hold in store.

4. I love to serve and help other people in any way I can. If I could save the world, I would. Because of this, it is hard for me to say "No." I am learning that I have to, for sometimes it is a detriment to me. I love to be a friend, to help in any way that I can, I truly and honestly love others, and try my best to be the best friend, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and person I can be.

5. My husband and I are Hoping to Adopt.

6. I never wore jewelry until this year. I bought my first necklace a year ago. I still don't like jewelry much, but some days I need a bracelet to give me that extra "umph" and make me feel more feminine. I am pretty tomboyish, in the sense I like to wear my tees and jeans, and flip flops. On the flip side, I love nothing more than a reason to dress up in my best. I loved formal dances in school, my wedding day was no exception, I can't wait for the next excuse we have to dress up...

7. I am getting a new car tomorrow. Okay, not a new car, an old car, but new to me. I have been without a car of my own for MONTHS, very excited about this, can you tell?

8. I HATE BEING LATE, I can't stand being late. I have been late to two sessions in my photography career, both due to traffic. I turn into this raving beast if I am late...I get anxious, nervous, frustrated...and the next time? I leave twice as early. This all stems from high school when I suffered from an anxiety disorder, I would FREAK out if I was tardy for a class, literally, I would not stop at my locker, stop and talk to anyone in the hall. I wish I could go back to school medicated and without a job, I would have so many more friends!

Can you tell I am REALLY good at explaining myself? Ha! Thanks Rebecca, I want to add that I am REALLY shy. REALLY. REALLY! I am getting better at this aspect of me, and this certainly helped. Hmm, who to tag, who to tag? Let's get to know Alta, Angie, Dustin and Cassie


Rebecca Tyler said...

Kim, great list! Love that you are trying to adopt. As I mentioned in Leisha's comments, we have 5 adoptions throughout our family and it is SUCH an awesome thing. I love all that you shared here. I so want to get into a Photography class, would be so fun. Keep up the AWESOMEness that you do. :o)

Barrett said...

Ashlee V and I know a great hearing aid guy! Our mom's hubby! And he's super nice! April

moosh in indy. said...