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Elase Medical Spas | Laser Hair Removal

For the next few months I am going to share a little about Elase Medical Spas.

If you are like me, you have/had no idea what on earth a medical spa is or does. I hardly knew anything. I would hear the occasional commercial on the radio talking about laser hair removal, and while I was curious, my curiosity was never peaked enough to want to call and try it out for myself.

Also, I am a little self conscious about my current body image, and while I am not vain or even a bit narcissistic (okay maybe a little), I am growing into myself and have wanted to really change a few little things about myself to just FEEL better about me.

The reason I haven't is because honestly, I feel intimidated to even get my hair cut. I have that secret nerd girl inside of me that is afraid after I leave the salon or spa that the beautiful girls will giggle and make fun of me. Silly right?

This is where Elase comes in and is super duper amazingly awesome. I mean this with all of my being. Every single employee of Elase is genuine, sweet, gorgeous (no really) and they make me feel like I am a million bucks and that I am beautiful inside and out.

As soon as I sat down and consulted with them, they put me at ease, made me laugh, listened to my concerns and hopes and put me on the path of continuing to discover who I am inside and how to best portray that on the outside, a story which I will share over the next few months with you.

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First of all, the Elase Medical Spa facilities are BEAUTIFUL. There are few places in this world where one can leave the world behind and sit down and not feel rushed, or stressed. Elase is one of those places. I love the color scheme in their Draper location. It feels clean and fresh and is just a breath of fresh air.

Like most spas, it is not a place for children, so plan to have your husband or a babysitter on hand so you can fully enjoy your experience at Elase.

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Elase offers the Vive Medical Weight Loss program for losing pounds and inches as well as Latisse for growing long, beautiful lush lashes.

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I decided to start my Elase experience with one of their specialties: Laser Hair Removal.

First stop? You NEED this product. Dr. Numb. The tube costs $32 but is worth every. single. penny. I have heard rumors and some horror stories about Laser Hair Removal hurting like the dickens, but with the Dr. Numb on hand, I was feeling really confident that I would be okay. Before I left my house, I shaved the area I wanted the hair removed from and then I just slathered on the Dr. Numb right before I left my house for my appointment. By the time I arrived for my appointment Dr. Numb had done his job.

 photo ElaseMedicalSpaLaserHairRemovalElaseMedicalSpaLaserHairRemovalLaserHairRemovalatElaseElaseElaseMedicalSpa007_zps558d266b.jpg

Here I am looking oh so cute, but on the inside my heart was pounding. I have made the choice to remove quite a bit of hair from my bikini area, we'll just leave it at that.

When you go into the room the sweet employees tell you exactly what you need to do, how to sit during the appointment, what they are going to do, and how it might feel. It is kind of like going to visit the doctor, but much more relaxing and fun. This is a medical spa after all.

 photo ElaseMedicalSpaLaserHairRemovalElaseMedicalSpaLaserHairRemovalLaserHairRemovalatElaseElaseElaseMedicalSpa010_zpsa250fdc1.jpg

Here I am with my favorite Mary Kate. She is so stinking adorable and I felt like we might be soul mates. We laughed so hard during my first appointment, I can't wait to go back and see her again. (Really!)

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Once your bottoms are off and the sheet is over you, you don these fantabulous eye wear. I was STOKED For this. I don't know about you, but wearing sunglasses can transport you to anywhere you want to be and you can pretend you aren't baring your most intimate parts of your body to a total stranger. 

 photo ElaseMedicalSpaLaserHairRemovalElaseMedicalSpaLaserHairRemovalLaserHairRemovalatElaseElaseElaseMedicalSpa013_zps16d9676d.jpg

The appointment was very quick. Seriously, 7 minutes and it was over.

The laser is a light that hits your skin (the light is red and about the size of a dime) and they run it over the area where you want the hair removed. It is attracted to the dark pigment of your hair and the intensity is focused on those areas to eventually kill the hair follicle. I thought this process would be very different but it was just a light running over the skin. There is also cool, pressurized air that blows out with the light to help with any heat that is generated by the laser. I liked this as it kept my mind on the cool air, and not any potential pain. Pretty straight forward.

I can honestly tell you it did not hurt. The only time I felt even a twinge of something that might be considered pain are in the spots where there was a lot of hair growth in one area, and that was it. I think I will just make sure to add a bit more Dr. Numb to that area and see how I fare next time.

In order to fully see a 70%-90% permanent loss in hair removal, you have to go through about 2 years of treatment. This is a treatment every 5-6 weeks, or about 10-12 treatments.

Elase offers affordable monthly payments starting at $35 per month.

Elase does offer occasional discounts like 50% off underarm laser treatments or 30% off Brazilian laser treatments. The best plan of action to know about these discounts would be to Like Elase Medical Spas on Facebook.

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***Disclaimer: For the next few months I will be blogging about my experience with Elase Medical Spas. While I am receiving treatments in return for my opinion about my experience, please be assured they are my own and I have chosen to be very choosy about the things I share with my readers, and any and all opinions I have about Elase and my experiences will be my own. I have chosen to work with Elase because I believe it can benefit so many of us who may be curious about a medical spa but may not feel comfortable approaching one on their own. I hope to change those feelings. Let's take care of ourselves and treat ourselves!***


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I just finished doing 2 years of laser hair removal from there! Love them, and I never used that wussy cream ;)

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