Thursday, June 20, 2013

"He's such a Baldwin!" -Cher from Clueless | My new nephew Alec

The next best thing to becoming a mother, is becoming an auntie.

So happy for my brother Marcus and my beautiful sister in law Anna and big brother Viktor. I have never seen my brother so happy or smile quite so big in his life. It brought tears to my eyes.

Isn't Alec such a Baldwin? Love and enjoy:

 photo Alec_54_zps0e30d294.jpg

 photo Alec_55_zpsde43f0f4.jpg

 photo Alec_56_zps0f358411.jpg

   photo Alec_18_zpse87a3e06.jpg

  photo Alec_14_zps4e80ad86.jpg  photo Alec_13_zps0712e1c9.jpg
  photo Alec_12_zpsae986b0a.jpg
  photo Alec_11_zps915f00f4.jpg   photo Alec_9_zpsde89f39b.jpg 
  photo Alec_7_zps24fe33b4.jpg
  photo Alec_6_zps4f010fd9.jpg
  photo Alec_5_zpsfd9ba37d.jpg
  photo Alec_4_zps461753e8.jpg
  photo Alec_3_zpse5ea4657.jpg

 photo Alec_17_zpse7d07858.jpg

 photo Alec_15_zps8f2a18a8.jpg
 photo Alec_19_zps5cb1113d.jpg   photo Alec_2_zpsd36003e1.jpg
  photo Alec_zpsa35378b5.jpg
      photo Alec_51_zps506fbfbd.jpg 
  photo Alec_50_zpsb68b2be6.jpg  photo Alec_49_zps0b7912d5.jpg 
  photo Alec_48_zps0a0ccc4e.jpg 
  photo Alec_47_zps263dd6c4.jpg 
  photo Alec_46_zps924b0b43.jpg 
  photo Alec_45_zps321a6f4d.jpg 
  photo Alec_41_zpsf5ef36b8.jpg 
  photo Alec_40_zpsf05c34a2.jpg 
  photo Alec_39_zps7176a8d5.jpg 
  photo Alec_38_zps16165b34.jpg 
   photo Alec_36_zpsb42f1c7e.jpg 
  photo Alec_35_zps12b7f9e7.jpg 
  photo Alec_34_zpsdc385143.jpg 
  photo Alec_33_zps94c82464.jpg 
  photo Alec_32_zpsc84917fb.jpg 
  photo Alec_31_zps53e6b3f5.jpg    photo Alec_28_zps588fc8db.jpg 
  photo Alec_27_zps8e3da917.jpg 
  photo Alec_26_zpsdce9a917.jpg 
  photo Alec_25_zpsbb6dbe0b.jpg  photo Alec_24_zps8b219c19.jpg 
  photo Alec_23_zpsa67ccba0.jpg  photo Alec_22_zps24d988bc.jpg   photo Alec_20_zpsfaec2f2f.jpg


Cassie said...

What a little sweetie. Your birth stories will always be my favorite. COngrats to them!

Emily said...

So great!

Blair Pettrey said...


I Blair Pettrey approve :)

(And the baby is rather cute too ;))

Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

I adore your birth stories!!!! Your SIL is gorgeous, seriously love her lips. And what a BEAUTIFUL baby, love all that hair!!

Sell...Party Of 5 said...

always my favorite. his little mohawk is awesome!

Leisha Kelsey said...

Absolutely beautiful.