Monday, June 24, 2013

Laser Hair Removal, My Second Visit | Elase Medical Spa

Thanks for following my laser hair removal journey!

My second visit? Well, I missed it completely. I am so embarrassed to admit that I somehow, completely forgot about my visit until an hour after I was suppose to be there. (In my defense appointments are booked our 5-6 weeks in advance, but in my non-defense Elase is so wonderful they text you a reminder!)

I called Elase in near tears and professed my embarrassment and complete idiocy. I expected them to sound irritated like most places do when you miss an appointment. They were so understanding and rescheduled me right away the next morning! Before you go thinking to yourself, "Awe, they only did that because she is blogging for them!" I have to honestly admit that most of the women who work at Elase don't really know who blogs for them and who doesn't. I am not sure if this is because they want our honest opinions or not, but each and every person is completely amazing. From the front desk to the technicians and they are amazing.

Since I missed my scheduled appointment, I wasn't able to be with Mary Kate again. (Love her.) But I did get the opportunity to meet Rachel! I beautiful and kind little lady. She happens to be from Brazil just like my husband. While I felt nervous to share my lady bits with someone new, she put me at ease and we talked and laughed through the entire appointment! Thanks Rachel! I have come to adore you and look forward to seeing you when I come in for my other treatments.

This post is testament to the wonderful staff at Elase. My biggest concern when agreeing to blog for them, was that I would feel out of place in such a setting as a medical spa. That has never happened once. I feel so welcomed each time I walk through the door, and so cared for!

Thanks Elase!

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