Thursday, April 8, 2010


It seems like our little house has been hit hard with illness this winter.

This past week has been no exception, especially with this little one.
She has been SO sick.
After 48 hours and three VERY sleepless nights, I took her into the doctor.
Ear infection. He listened to her lungs, and we were given the strict warning to watch her over the next 24 hours to make certain her breathing did not worsen.
Did you know pneumonia was going around for these tinies?
Neither did I!

Luckily, after her second day of eating only 12 ounces (yes that is for the WHOLE day)
and not eating for 24 hours before that...
she is still holding her own.
Not better, but not worse, and after FIVE sleepless nights,
of holding and sleeping with her on the couch...tonight
she is SLEEPING.
Not a cough here or there.
I think we may be out of the woods.


Anyway, that is where I have been.
Hoping that as she gets feeling better I can get back to the blogging game.
I have so much to discuss...and guys, I am WORKING again, so that means I will get to visit your bloggy blogs when I work!

See you soon!


Ron and Jessica said...

Glad she's feeling much better. Sleeping on the couch is rough.

Julie Carlile said...

I hope Millz gets better soon! It is so hard to see your baby sick. Take care, love ya. Let me know if you guys need anything. I would love to help out.

michiganbliss said...

She is a doll. My little one did get the pneumonia....getting better, though. It's huge out here as well, according to my pediatrician. Glad yours is on the mend. Her smile is to die for.

Amy and Josh said...

Scary Kim . . . hope that sweet thing is out of the woods for good-You must be exhuasted lady.
thinking of you.

Kim said...

So glad that precious girl is feeling better!!

mommyoffour said...

poor little girl and poor mommy! I am glad she is feeling better!

Are you photography rates on your other blog? If I don't see them, I send you an email!

glad you are doing well!

mrs. r said...

love that toothless smile!