Monday, April 26, 2010

Hoping to Adopt Again--Jeremy & Leslie


Leslie and Jeremy

Leslie and Jeremy are the proud parents of a sweet little three year old Emmy.
They long to welcome a sweet new addition to their family of three.
Emmy is excited to be a big sister and prays for her birth mother every night, as well as the birth parents of her little brother or sister she and her mom and dad are earnestly searching for.

They are a family who loves to have fun, and enjoy all the time they can being together.
Jeremy is crazy about Survivor, while Leslie can't get enough of American Idol.

I like Jeremy because he LOVES One Republic...and I love Leslie because she loves the smell of home-made cake. Have I ever mentioned that -I- LOVE homemade cake?

SO, go and take a look at their sweet profile and catch a glimpse of their blog.

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