Saturday, March 27, 2010

We played with color.

(Shot on a Polaroid 600 SE with Fuji 100C)

My scanner blowz...or should I say Hubb's scanner blowz.
Oh well, today the sun was shining...and we all got our warm clothes on and went outside to play in the sun and with color.


Sometimes I get too excited on the rangefinder...I just want to click before I think to recompose just a bit...hence why her little hand is cut off.
I haven't had so much fun creating in a long time.
Just what I needed.

(pardon my literal dust...MY computer is COMPLETELY bunk which means no photoshop to clean up the scan all nice and pretty.)

Have a happy weekend all!

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Lace said...

You are having so much fun with your film! Good for you! Love that little Millz too!