Thursday, March 4, 2010

Home Made Bump-its

Have you seen that commercial for bumpits?

Well, my kids have. And apparently they have seen it a lot.
I caught them the other day making home-made bumpits.
(I am not sure if I am more disturbed that bumpits is one word
(think bum-pits)
or just disturbed period?)

See for yourself:

I about died when my friend Jon saw these and was all, "Is that a bumpit?!"
According to J-Dawg this was the "Hollywood Tall Bumpit".
After eating lunch in Provo last week, and I saw all the hair...I am wondering if Utah County is the number one buyer in the country of bumpits.
(love you Utah County!)

Still rolling.

Tell me YOUR bumpit story.


kenna said...

it's true, utah county probably is.

in fact, i know of MORE THAN ONE person IN MY WARD (which is a small area) who have purchased bump its.

i just drop my head and shake it in shame. :)

Lace said...

That is hillarious! What cute kids! Way to improvize!

Cathy said...

Every time I see that word written I read it as bum-pit too! Hilarious.

Josh and Anna said...

Your kids are too cute Kim:)I love that you even have the right terminology with the "Hollywood" bumpits. BUT wait, if you order now, you get the second set free...that's 10 bumpits for 9.99! Maybe those Utah County folks {and a few ladies in my ward} are just passin' them around. I can't laugh too hard, I do have a Snuggie...I guess we all have our weakness:)

Ashley said...

I live and teach in Utah County, and oh it's bad.
Today we had our maturation program, and a girl asked her mom if she'd brought some hairspray. When her mom said no, she replied, "Mom! You know my poof is going to die!" Apparently she just needs to buy the bumpit.

Cassie said...

Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

Kristina P. said...

Those look better than the real thing!

Trinbean said...

Ummm I am a little embarrassed but I did buy the bump its lol!!! they were on clearance for $5.00 and I though what the heck :) BTW they don't work at all they kind of suck the big "A" lol!!!

kimsueellen said... worries. I am not making fun...not at all. I secretly want some. LOL!

Britney said...

laughing my guts out right now!